Residual Stresses VII, ECRS7

Volumes 524-525

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Li, Michael Preuss, Philip J. Withers, Dragos Axinte, Paul Andrews
Authors: Jun Peng, Vincent Ji, Jian Min Zhang, Wilfrid Seiler

Abstract: The non-destructive analysis by GIXRD allows us to determine the residual stress distribution as a function of XRD penetration depth and...

Authors: Manuela Klaus, Ingwer A. Denks, Christoph Genzel

Abstract: Thin hard coatings for wear protection usually do not consist of single layers but of stacks of alternating sublayers which have to meet...

Authors: Berend Denkena, Bernd Breidenstein

Abstract: PVD-coated cutting tools show a typical kind of failure in use: cohesive damage, which is believed to be a result of the residual stress...

Authors: Bob B. He

Abstract: This paper introduces the recent progress in two-dimensional X-ray diffraction as well as its applications in residual stress analysis in...

Authors: Mark R. Terner, Peter Hedström, Jonathan Almer, J. Ilavsky, Magnus Odén

Abstract: Residual stresses and microstructural changes during phase separation in Ti33Al67N coatings were examined using microfocused high energy...

Authors: Haroldo Pinto, Anke Pyzalla, Heinz Hackl, Jürgen Bruckner

Abstract: Recently a new welding technique, the so-called ‘Cold Metal Transfer’ (CMT) technique was introduced, which due to integrated wire feeding...

Authors: Christian Scheffzük, Kurt Walther, Alexander Frischbutter, Rudolf Naumann

Abstract: An anhydrite-dolomite rock was investigated in order to find correlations between intracrystalline strain and texture. The sample...

Authors: Kai Xiang Tao, Hahn Choo, H. Li, Bjørn Clausen, Donald W. Brown, Jae Eun Jin, Y.K. Lee

Abstract: The martensitic phase transformation in an ultra fine grained (UFG) TRIP (transformation induced plasticity) steel with combination of high...

Authors: Markus Bruns, Thomas Nitschke-Pagel

Abstract: The micromagnetic measurement method is a well known technique for a qualitative estimation of residual stresses in ferromagnetic...


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