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Authors: Akihiro Egami, Masami Shibagaki, Akira Kumagai, Kenji Numajiri, Shingo Miyagawa, Takahiro Kudo, Satoshi Uchiumi, Masataka Satoh
Abstract:We fabricate pn-junction diode on p-type 4H-SiC(0001), in which n-type region is formed by N ion implantation at room temperature (total...
Authors: Nicolas Camara, L.P. Romanov, A.V. Kirillov, Mykola S. Boltovets, Alexander A. Lebedev, V.V. Zelenin, M. Kayambaki, Konstantinos Zekentes
Abstract:4H-SiC p-i-n diodes were fabricated on epitaxial layers grown by Sublimation Epitaxy in Vacuum (SEV) and were evaluated for microwave power...
Authors: P. Lark, Konstantin Vassilevski, Irina P. Nikitina, G.J. Phelps, Alton B. Horsfall, Nicolas G. Wright
Abstract:Zener diodes are widely used in electrical barriers to protect equipment operating in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Although normally...
Authors: Evgenia V. Kalinina, Nikita B. Strokan, Alexander M. Ivanov, A. Sadohin, A. Azarov, V. Kossov, R. Yafaev, S. Lashaev
Abstract:The detector structures based on Al ion-implanted p+-n junctions in 4H-SiC have been manufactured and tested at temperatures up to 170oC by...
Authors: Antonella Sciuto, Fabrizio Roccaforte, Salvatore Di Franco, Vito Raineri, S.F. Liotta, Sergio Billotta, Giovanni Bonanno, Massimiliano Belluso
Abstract:The fabrication of high sensitive diodes array is very attractive for spectroscopic and astronomical UV imaging applications, particularly...
Authors: Marcel Placidi, Phillippe Godignon, Jaume Esteve, Narcis Mestres, Gabriel Abadal
Abstract:Silicon Carbide has proven its relevance for various MEMS and sensors devices applications. This paper presents the fabrication and the...
Authors: Stanislav I. Soloviev, Ho Young Cha, James Grande, Peter M. Sandvik
Abstract:Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) based on 4H-SiC are excellent candidates to replace PMTs in the UV, particularly for harsh environment...
Authors: R.M. Petoral Jr., Gholam Reza Yazdi, C. Vahlberg, Mikael Syväjärvi, Anita Lloyd Spetz, K. Uvdal, Rositza Yakimova
Abstract:SiC is a biocompatible material and a candidate as a transducer for biosensors. Here we have investigated the possibility to functionalize...
Authors: Alexander M. Ivanov, Nikita B. Strokan, Alexander A. Lebedev, Vitalii V. Kozlovski
Abstract:The charge collection efficiency (ССЕ) of SiC-detectors preliminarily irradiated with 8 MeV protons at a fluence of 1014 cm-2 has been...
Abstract:Due to research results have already been published
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