Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2006

Volumes 556-557

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chia Ching Chen, Alton B. Horsfall, Nicolas G. Wright, Konstantin Vassilevski

Abstract: The formation of two-dimensional electron gases (2DEG) at the polytypic 6H/3C heterojunction is investigated. The main of study was to...

Authors: Siddharth Potbhare, Neil Goldsman, Gary Pennington, Aivars J. Lelis, J.M. McGarrity

Abstract: SiC MOSFETs have very large interface trap densities which degrade device performance. The effect of traps on inversion layer mobility and...

Authors: Gerald Soelkner, Winfried Kaindl, Michael Treu, Dethard Peters

Abstract: Cosmic radiation has been identified as a decisive factor for power device reliability. Energetic neutrons create ionizing recoils within...

Authors: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Takeshi Endo, Nobuyuki Kato, Hiroki Nakamura, Toshio Sakakibara

Abstract: 4H-SiC SBDs have been commercialized for power application devices. However, the maximum current of these SBDs is 20A. In this work, we...

Authors: S.J. Kim, Y.S. Choi, S.J. Yu, Sang Cheol Kim, Wook Bahng, K.H. Lee

Abstract: This paper demonstrates the breakdown voltage characteristics of different edge termination structures including aluminum (Al)-deposited...

Authors: Gheorghe Brezeanu, M. Brezeanu, F. Udrea, G. Amaratunga, C. Boianceanu, M. Badila, Konstantinos Zekentes, Adi Visoreanu

Abstract: A classical implementation of the field plate technique is the oxide ramp termination. This paper presents for the first time a comparison...

Authors: S.J. Kim, S. Kim, Sang Cheol Kim, In Ho Kang, K.H. Lee, T. Matsuoka

Abstract: We have investigated the field limiting ring (FLR) geometry dependence of breakdown voltage characteristics for a junction barrier Schottky...

Authors: Konstantin Vassilevski, Irina P. Nikitina, Alton B. Horsfall, Nicolas G. Wright, Anthony G. O'Neill, Keith P. Hilton, A.G. Munday, A.J. Hydes, Michael J. Uren, C. Mark Johnson

Abstract: High voltage 4H-SiC Schottky diodes with single-zone junction termination extension (JTE) have been fabricated and characterised....

Authors: Akimasa Kinoshita, Takashi Nishi, Tsutomu Yatsuo, Kenji Fukuda

Abstract: Ion implantation and a subsequent annealing at high temperature are required for fabricating a high voltage Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD)...

Authors: Chiharu Ota, Johji Nishio, Tetsuo Hatakeyama, Takashi Shinohe, Kazutoshi Kojima, Shin Ichi Nishizawa, Hiromichi Ohashi

Abstract: The calculation for 4H-SiC floating junction Schottky barrier diodes (Super-SBDs) was carried out by device simulation and the optimized...


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