High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: Eric Caudron, Régis Cueff, Christophe Issartel, N. Karimi, Frédéric Riffard, Sébastien Perrier, Henri Buscail

Abstract: Manganese addition and subsequent yttrium implantation effects on extra low carbon steel were studied by Rutherford Backscattering...

Authors: Somrerk Chandra-ambhorn, P. Promdirek, Gobboon Lothongkum, Yves Wouters, Alain Galerie

Abstract: The tensile test, accompanied by the corresponding theoretical model, has been developed to quantify the mechanical adhesion energy of the...

Authors: Sébastien Chevalier, Alain Galerie, Olivier Heintz, Remi Chassagnon, Alexandre Crisci

Abstract: High temperature oxidation resistance of alumina-forming materials is connected to the growth of dense, stable and protective alumina...

Authors: Emilie Courcot, Francis Rebillat, Caroline Louchet-Pouillerie

Abstract: Silicon-based ceramics are among the main candidates for high temperature structural components in aeronautic applications. One key...

Authors: Régis Cueff, C.T. Nguyen, Henri Buscail, Eric Caudron, Christophe Issartel, Frédéric Riffard

Abstract: The effect of reactive element additions (external doping as an yttrium-oxide coating on the metal) on the oxidation behaviour of a...

Authors: Pierre D'Ans, Céline Bondoux, Christophe Degrandcourt, Mohamed Bakrim, Jean Dille, Luc Segers, Marc Degrez

Abstract: A strategy is proposed to cope with combined thermal fatigue and hot corrosion resistance affecting industrial coatings. It allows...

Authors: Benoît Ter-Ovanessian, Julien Deleume, Jean Marc Cloué, Eric Andrieu

Abstract: Alloy 718 is known to be sensitive to oxidation assisted intergranular cracking. It is also demonstrated that the occurrence of jerky flow...

Authors: Esra Dokumacı, Bulent Önay

Abstract: In this study, high temperature (T>500oC) oxidation behavior of two commercial Ni-base alloys and two experimental alloys, all containing...

Authors: E. Godlewska, M. Mitoraj, B. Jajko

Abstract: This paper presents comparative studies on the performance of two titanium alloys (Ti- 6Al-1Mn, Ti-45.9Al-8Nb) in an oxidizing atmosphere...

Authors: Stéphane Gossé, Thierry Alpettaz, Fabien Rouillard, Sylvie Chatain, Christine Guéneau, Céline Cabet

Abstract: Chromium rich, nickel based alloys Haynes 230 and Inconel 617 are candidate materials for the primary circuit and intermediate heat...


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