High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: Kee Young Jung, Frederick S. Pettit, Gerald H. Meier

Abstract: When gas turbines use alternate fuels, such as syngas derived from coal, ash from the fuels can deposit on turbine hardware. These deposits...

Authors: Tomasz Brylewski, Kazimierz Przybylski

Abstract: The oxidation kinetics, electrical properties, microstructure and chromium vaporization effects of the oxide products formed on Fe-25...

Authors: T.A. Parthasarathy, Robert A. Rapp, Mark Opeka, Ronald J. Kerans

Abstract: A mechanistic model that interprets the transition in oxidation behavior of zirconium diboride as the temperature is varied from 600°C to...

Authors: Olga Tsurtsumia, Elguja Kutelia, Boris Bulia, Omar Mikadze

Abstract: Using the methods of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Auger electron spectrometry (AES), fast electron diffraction (FED) in the “on...

Authors: Satu Tuurna, Sanni Yli-Olli, Liisa Heikinheimo

Abstract: It is well known that water vapour accelerates oxidation; however different gas conditions and material compositions affect the mechanism....

Authors: Wislei R.R. Osório, Claudia S. C. Aoki, Amauri Garcia

Abstract: It is well known that the solution characteristics, such as pH and temperature may affect the corrosion mechanism and the corrosion...

Authors: Patrice Berthod, Yassin Hamini, Lionel Aranda

Abstract: Four cast superalloys, Fe-base and (Fe,Ni)-base alloys, all containing 30%Cr and 0.4%C, were elaborated with addition of 3% and 6% of...

Authors: Patrice Berthod, Pierric Lemoine, Lionel Aranda

Abstract: Nine cast alloys reinforced by very high fractions of carbides, Ni-30Cr-xC, Co-30Cr-xC and Fe-30Cr-xC with x varying from 1.2 to 2.0, were...

Authors: Mbaihoudou Kemdehoundja, Jean Luc Grosseau-Poussard, J.F. Dinhut, G. Bonnet

Abstract: In this work, growth stresses have been investigated in relation with the microstructure in the case of α-Cr2O3 growing oxide films on...

Authors: Mbaihoudou Kemdehoundja, Jean Luc Grosseau-Poussard, J.F. Dinhut, G. Bonnet

Abstract: Using Raman microprobe spectroscopy made it possible to study the buckling phenomenon in chromia films grown at 900°C in air from a...


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