High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: Laure Martinelli, Fanny Balbaud-Célérier, Gerard Picard, Gerard Santarini

Abstract: The oxidation mechanism of the T91 martensitic steel in oxygen-saturated Pb-Bi eutectic at 470°C has been investigated to develop a long...

Authors: Loïc Marchetti, Stéphane Perrin, Olivier Raquet, Michèle Pijolat

Abstract: Oxidation mechanism of Alloy 690 has been investigated in Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) primary coolant conditions (325°C, aqueous...

Authors: Mohamed Sennour, Loïc Marchetti, Stéphane Perrin, Régine Molins, Michèle Pijolat, Olivier Raquet

Abstract: The oxide film formed on nickel-based alloys in Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) primary coolant conditions (325°C, aqueous media) has been...

Authors: Bruce A. Pint

Abstract: Planning for a U.S. test blanket module to operate in the internationally-sponsored ITER reactor has focused attention on the many coating...

Authors: M. Růžičková, P. Hájek, R. Všolák, J. Berka, J. Šmejkalová

Abstract: Two experimental loops for operation in research reactor LVR-15 in ÚJV Řež are recently under preparation: High Temperature Helium Loop...

Authors: F. Atmani, Yves Wouters, Alain Galerie, Jean Pierre Petit, Yacoub Dali, Marc Tupin, Philippe Bossis

Abstract: The oxidation of γ-Zr(Fe,Cr)2 intermetallic particles during the thermal exposition of Zircaloy-4 at 470°C in oxygen was investigated with...

Authors: Céline Bondoux, Christophe Degrandcourt, George Ailinca, Pierre D'Ans, Marc Degrez, Denis Wathelet, François Barthelemy, Julie Anciaux, Gustavo Ospina, Jean Marie Jacquet

Abstract: For the first time, a unique expert system able to give assistance to designers in surface engineering has been built. Not only is this...

Authors: Laurent Cassayre, Pierre Chamelot, L. Arurault, L. Massot, Pierre Taxil

Abstract: Thanks to their good electronic conductivity and their low solubility in cryolite melts, nickel ferrites are considered to be among the...

Authors: Sébastien Gonzales, Lucile Combarmond, Minh Thi Tran, Yves Wouters, Alain Galerie

Abstract: Two ferritic AISI 430 and AISI 441 and two austenitic AISI 304 and AISI 316L stainless steels were submitted to short term oxidation in a...

Authors: John P. Hurley, Carl Kelley, Norman Bornstein, Ian G. Wright

Abstract: The University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center is working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to test two oxide...


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