High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: Vincent Busser, Jean Desquines, Stéphanie Fouquet, Marie Christine Baietto, Jean Paul Mardon

Abstract: In the frame of its research work on nuclear fuel safety, the French “Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire” (IRSN) has...

Authors: Fabien Rouillard, Céline Cabet, Stéphane Gossé, Krzysztof Wolski, Michèle Pijolat

Abstract: Above a given temperature called TA, the chromium rich oxide which has been developed on the surface of Haynes 230® and model NiCrWC alloys...

Authors: Céline Cabet, Gouenou Girardin, Fabien Rouillard, Jerome Chapovaloff, Krzysztof Wolski, Michèle Pijolat

Abstract: Nickel base alloys Haynes 230 and Inconel 617 are of interest for gas cooled reactors. At high temperature in impure helium, they generally...

Authors: Benoît Ter-Ovanessian, Julien Deleume, Jean Marc Cloué, Eric Andrieu

Abstract: Two Ni-Fe-Cr ternary alloys have been oxidized in simulated pressurized water reactor primary water at 360°C for 1000 h. The chemical...

Authors: Nathalie Bertrand, Clara Desgranges, Maylise Nastar, Gouenou Girardin, Dominique Poquillon, Daniel Monceau

Abstract: To get a better understanding of oxidation behavior of Ni-base alloys in PWR primary water, a numerical model for oxide scale growth has...

Authors: Ibra Diop, N. David, J.M. Fiorani, Renaud Podor, Michel Vilasi

Abstract: The knowledge of the quinary Pb–Bi–O–Fe–Hg is necessary for understanding the degradation mechanisms of the T91 steel used as structural...

Authors: Stéphanie Fabre, Céline Cabet, Laurent Cassayre, Pierre Chamelot, Jörgen Finne, Didier Noël, Pierre Taxil

Abstract: Resistance to corrosion of the structural materials is a key factor for nuclear applications that use molten fluorides. Low chromium,...

Authors: Jerome Chapovaloff, Gouenou Girardin, Damien Kaczorowski, Krzysztof Wolski, Michèle Pijolat

Abstract: Due to the specific in service VHTR conditions, the corrosion behaviour of Inconel 617, candidate alloy for the IHX design, has been...

Authors: Damien Kaczorowski, Gouenou Girardin, S. Chamousset

Abstract: Nickel base alloys 617 and 230 are promising candidates for the Intermediate Heat eXchanger (IHX) of GenIV Very High Temperature gas cooled...

Authors: Michael Katcher, Dwaine L. Klarstrom

Abstract: HAYNES® 230® and 617 alloys are competing for use on Generation IV, high temperature gas cooled reactor components because of good high...


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