High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: V. Lépingle, G. Louis, Dorian Allue

Abstract: Thirteen boiler steels were exposed in pure water vapour at 650°C for 32 weeks (5,376h). To assess their oxidation kinetics, four current...

Authors: Petter Andersson, Mats Norell

Abstract: The scale growth on two austenitic alloys, Alloy 310 and Sanicro 28, under KCl deposits was examined. This is relevant to the long term...

Authors: S.I. Castañeda, F.J. Bolívar, F.J. Pérez

Abstract: Volatile species released during the initial stages of oxidation of a P92 ferritic steel, with and without an aluminized coating, at 650°C...

Authors: Eugene N'Dah, F.J. Bolívar, L. Sánchez, M.P. Hierro, Sofia Tsipas, F.J. Pérez

Abstract: Ferritic steels are usually used in boiler or supercritical steam turbines which operate at temperatures between 600-650°C under pressure....

Authors: F.J. Bolívar, L. Sánchez, M.P. Hierro, J.A. Trilleros, F.J. Pérez

Abstract: The steels with chromium contents between 9 and 12%wt are used for power plants with advanced steam conditions. These steels possess good...

Authors: J. Pettersson, Jan Erik Svensson, Lars Gunnar Johansson

Abstract: The influence of KCl, K2CO3 and K2SO4 on the initial stages of corrosion of 304-type (Fe18Cr10Ni) stainless steel was investigated at 600°C...

Authors: K.E. Coleman, N.J. Simms, P.J. Kilgallon, J.E. Oakey

Abstract: There is growing concern over the effects of global warning. In response the power generation sector is having to consider a wider range of...

Authors: Ian G. Wright, Adrian S. Sabau, R.B. Dooley

Abstract: In this study, the foundation is being developed for the numerical simulation of the processes that determine the oxide scale exfoliation...

Authors: Josef Matyas, S.K. Sundaram, B.J. Hicks, Autumn B. Edmondson, Benjamin M. Arrigoni

Abstract: The combustion chamber of slagging coal gasifiers is lined with refractories to protect the steel shell of the gasifier from elevated...

Authors: L. Tan, Kumar Sridharan, T.R. Allen

Abstract: Grain boundary engineering (GBE) was employed to improve the oxide exfoliation resistance and mitigate oxide growth by optimizing the grain...


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