High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: Djar Oquab, Daniel Monceau, Yannick Thebault, Claude Estournès

Abstract: MCrAlY coatings (where M = Co, Ni or Co/Ni) are widely used on turbine blades and vanes as oxidation and corrosion resistant overlays or as...

Authors: Daniel Renusch, Michael Schütze

Abstract: The modeling equations used for spallation prediction are becoming increasingly more sophisticated due to the consideration of a wider...

Authors: Dominique Poquillon, Nadia Vialas, Daniel Monceau

Abstract: A model using a finite elements code is developed to simulate degradation due to combined cyclic oxidation and interdiffusion in materials...

Authors: Emmanuel Rocca, Lionel Aranda, Michel Molière

Abstract: When ash-forming oils or contaminated distillate oils are used as fuels in land-based, marine or aero gas turbines, the hot gas path...

Authors: Mario Rudolphi, Daniel Renusch, Hans Eberhard Zschau, Michael Schütze

Abstract: Thermal barrier coatings used in airplane engines or land-based gas turbines can show catastrophic failure (i. e. spallation) typically...

Authors: K. Shirvani, Amir Firouzi

Abstract: The diffusion aluminide coatings are widely used in the air-cooling passages to protect their surfaces against high temperature corrosion....

Authors: James L. Smialek

Abstract: Alumina scale adhesion on high temperature alloys is known to be affected primarily by sulfur segregation and reactive element additions....

Authors: R.R. Mohanty, Yong Ho Sohn

Abstract: Evolution of interdiffusion microstructures was examined in ternary Ni-Cr-Al solid-tosolid diffusion couples using two-dimensional (2D)...

Authors: Prabhakar Mohan, Biao Yuan, Travis Patterson, Vimal Desai, Yong Ho Sohn

Abstract: In advanced gas turbine engines that operate in a dust-laden environment causing ingestion of siliceous debris into engines, thermal...

Authors: Aurélie Vande Put, Djar Oquab, Daniel Monceau

Abstract: During service, TBC can suffer degradation by CMAS, FOD, erosion or spallation. Whereas the first three are due to foreign particles, the...


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