High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: I.M. Edmonds, Hugh E. Evans, C.N. Jones, Robert W. Broomfield

Abstract: Oxidation tests have been undertaken in air on two experimental fourth-generation Nibased superalloys containing, respectively, 3 and 5...

Authors: Stewart Ford, Shigenari Hayashi, Toshio Narita

Abstract: Single crystal superalloy TMS82+ and model alloys of Ni-12Al and Ni-6Cr-8Co-12Al were electroplated with 5-6μm of platinum and heat treated...

Authors: A. Tony Fry, Jim P. Banks, John Nunn, Louise.J. Brown

Abstract: Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs) have been developed for advanced gas turbine engine components to improve the engine efficiency and...

Authors: Li Liu, Ying Li, Fu Hui Wang

Abstract: The isothermal and cyclic oxidation behaviors of a Ni-based superalloy with singlecrystalline (SC), polycrystalline and nanocrystalline...

Authors: Sarah Hamadi, Marie Pierre Bacos, Martine Poulain, Sandrine Zanna, Vincent Maurice, Philippe Marcus

Abstract: Thermal barrier systems, used for turbine blades, are made of a nickel-based superalloy, a nickel aluminide bond coat layer and a ceramic...

Authors: Mark Harvey, M. Rambaudon, Vincent Maurel, Luc Rémy

Abstract: Thermally grown oxide (TGO) spallation increases the degradation rate of aluminide protective coatings during thermomechanical cycling....

Authors: Shigenari Hayashi, Mikihiro Sakata, Shigeharu Ukai, Toshio Narita

Abstract: High temperature oxidation / creep deformation behavior of a diffusion barrier coated Hastelloy-X alloy, with large grain size ~500μm, was...

Authors: Laurent Royer, Stéphane Mathieu, Christophe Liebaut, Pierre Steinmetz

Abstract: In this study, chromium based alloys containing a hardening NiAl phase are investigated from 1100°C to 1300°C in air. The influence of the...

Authors: Sebastien Mercier, Denis Boivin, Marie Pierre Bacos, Pierre Josso

Abstract: A diffusion barrier between a 4th generation superalloy (MC-NG) and a β-(Ni, Pt)Al has been studied. The used coating process combines Re...

Authors: Toshio Narita, Stewart Ford, Takayuki Yoshioka, Takumi Nishimoto, Takeshi Izumi, Shigenari Hayashi

Abstract: A duplex layer, outer Pt-modified γ’-Ni3Al + γ-Ni and inner multi-barrier σ- Re(Cr,Ni,W), coating system was formed on a Ni-based single...


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