High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: Li Xin, Ping Liu, Hui Zhao, Sheng Long Zhu, Fu Hui Wang

Abstract: The depth distribution of the residual stress in graded (Ti, Al) N coating deposited on steel by arc ion plating was measured by the...

Authors: D.Y. Zheng, Yu Ming Xiong, Sheng Long Zhu, Fu Hui Wang, Wei Tao Wu

Abstract: The specimens of O-phase Ti-22Al-25Nb (at%) intermetallics coated with silica-based enamel received mass gains of about 1 mg/cm2, after 300...

Authors: N. Mu, Takeshi Izumi, L. Zhang, Brian Gleeson

Abstract: Many high-temperature coatings rely on the formation of a continuous and adherent thermally grown oxide (TGO) scale of α-Al2O3 for extended...

Authors: Alina Agüero, Krystina Spiradek, S. Höfinger, Marcos Gutiérrez, Raúl Muelas

Abstract: Slurry iron aluminide coatings are very resistant to steam oxidation at 600-650º C. These coatings can be used to protect new generation...

Authors: B. Bordenet, Frank Kluger

Abstract: The aim to reduce the CO2-emissions has triggered the evaluation of new cycle concepts for power plants. For the coal-fired power plants,...

Authors: Florimonde Lebel, Christophe Rapin, Jean François Mareche, Renaud Podor, Xavier Chaucherie, Pierre Yves Guernion, Jean Michel Brossard

Abstract: The efficiency of Waste-to-Energy (W-t-E) boilers is affected by fireside corrosion of the heat exchangers that involve unexpected shutdown...

Authors: Jean Michel Brossard, François Nicol, Xavier Chaucherie

Abstract: Fireside corrosion is since a long time the main limitation to increase efficiency of energy recovery boilers of waste to energy (W-t-E)...

Authors: Nicklas Folkeson, J. Pettersson, C. Pettersson, Lars Gunnar Johansson, Erik Skog, B.Å. Andersson, Sonja Enestam, Johanna Tuiremo, Anna Jonasson, Bengt Heikne, Jan Erik Svensson

Abstract: Corrosion field tests have been carried out in the superheater region of a commercial waste-fired 75MW CFBC boiler using air cooled probes....

Authors: Gordon R. Holcomb

Abstract: Power generation from coal using ultra supercritical steam results in improved fuel efficiency and decreased greenhouse gas emissions....

Authors: Hadj Latreche, Guido Tegeder, Gerhard Wolf, Patrick J. Masset, Till Weber, Michael Schütze

Abstract: Chlorine gas is widely encountered in chemical industries, as well as in waste incinerators and plastic/polymer decomposition mills. The...


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