High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7

Volumes 595-598

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.595-598

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Authors: Jean Denis Béguin, Diane Samelor, C. Vahlas, Alain Gleizes, J.A. Petit, B. Sheldon

Abstract: The corrosion resistance of MOCVD Al2O3 coating system was investigated to protect a TA6V Alloy under hot salt corrosion conditions: This...

Authors: M.P. Brady, Yukinori Yamamoto, Bruce A. Pint, M.L. Santella, P.J. Maziasz, L.R. Walker

Abstract: A family of creep-resistant, Al2O3-forming austenitic (AFA) stainless steels was recently developed. The alloys exhibit excellent oxidation...

Authors: N. Karimi, Henri Buscail, Frédéric Riffard, F. Rabaste, Régis Cueff, Christophe Issartel, Eric Caudron, Sébastien Perrier

Abstract: The aim of the present work is to investigate the effect of Lanthanum surface addition on the oxidation behaviour of the AISI 304 stainless...

Authors: Kamel Dawi, Jérôme Favergeon, Gérard Moulin

Abstract: The SiMo cast iron is a spheroidal graphite cast iron which major alloying elements are silicon and molybdenum. This alloy is currently...

Authors: S. Fontana, M. Vuksa, Sébastien Chevalier, G. Caboche, P. Piccardo

Abstract: Due to the reduction of operating temperature from 1000°C to 800°C, chromia forming alloys are the best candidates for interconnects in...

Authors: Martah Homa, Zbigniew Żurek

Abstract: The high temperature corrosion behavior of Fe20Cr6Al-Y,Hf steel was studied in the range of temperature 800-1000oC in H2/H2S atmospheres at...

Authors: Vladislav Kolarik, Maria Juez-Lorenzo, M. Anchústegui, Harald Fietzek

Abstract: Spherical Al particles sized in the range of 2 to 5 μm were deposited with an organic binder by brushing on the austenitic steel X6 CrNi...

Authors: Georg Kunschert, Hans Peter Martinz, Michael Schütze

Abstract: In recent years solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) interconnect components have proven to be a key-component accountable for the functionality of...

Authors: P. Lamesle, Medhi Salem, Sabine Le Roux, Gilles Dour, Farhad Rezai Aria

Abstract: Effects of atmosphere and specimen geometry on thermal fatigue (TF) crack initiation and propagation in a low Si content hot work tool...

Authors: Cezarina C. Mardare, Michael Spiegel, Alan Savan, Alfred Ludwig

Abstract: Ternary Mn-Co-Fe metallic thin films were deposited by RF-magnetron co-sputtering on SiO2/Si wafers and on ZMG232L (Hitachi Metals®), a...


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