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Authors: Tian Mo Liu, Yu Liu, Li Wei Lu, Fu Sheng Pan

Abstract: Deformation of the material during 90° change-channel angular extrusion (CCAE) process is analyzed using upper-bound theorem. The...

Authors: Jian Wang, Bin Jiang, Pei Dao Ding, Guang Jie Huang, Fu Sheng Pan

Abstract: The AZ31 thin sheet (minimum thickness less than 1mm) was obtained by rolling the cast strip which was prepared by vertical twin roll...

Authors: Na Wang, Wei Yang Yu, Wei Bing Zhang, Bi Yu Tang, Xiao Qin Zeng, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: More and more research has been focused on the improvement of the mechanical properties and the optimal design of the new excellent Mg-based...

Authors: Xiao Jing Xu, Deng Fu Xia

Abstract: The nano-indentation response and the friction/wear properties of DLC/SiC (diamond-like carbon/silicon carbon) double layer thin films...

Authors: Xiang Guo Zeng, Hua Yan Chen, Zhan Hua Gao, Jing Hong Fan

Abstract: The mechanical testing for magnesium alloy AM60 was conducted on an MTS servohydrolic material testing system. In order to examine the...

Authors: X.R. Li, Wei Liang, Xing Guo Zhao, L.P. Bian

Abstract: AZ91D magnesium alloy and Al metal were bonded successfully at 450 oC with load of 25 or 31 MPa by using Mg-Al eutectic alloy as the solder...

Authors: Lin Hai Tian, Er Qiang Liu, Ai Lan Fan, Lin Qin, Dao Xin Liu, Bin Tang, Jun De Pan

Abstract: TiN/CrN multilayer coating was deposited on AZ91D magnesium alloy by pulsed bias cathodic arc PVD process. Effects of the coating on wear...

Authors: Feng Li Yang, Shao Hua Yang, Zhao Wen Wang, Zhong Ning Shi, Bing Liang Gao

Abstract: Aluminum-magnesium alloys were prepared from magnesium oxide by molten salt electrolysis method. MgF2-BaF2-LiF was taken as...

Authors: Wei Lan, Jian Chun Sun, An Ruo Zhou, Ding Fei Zhang

Abstract: The solution mainly containing Zn2+, Mn2+, Ni2+ and H2PO4- was used to prepare phosphate film on AZ31 magnesium alloys. The process was...

Authors: Jing Sun, Ping Li Mao, Zheng Liu, Quan Ying Guo, Yang Yi, Zhong Gang Zhao

Abstract: The effect of Ga on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-8wt.%Al alloy at room temperature were investigated by SEM and...


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