Materials Research

Volumes 610-613

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Feng Wang, Pei Dao Ding, Shan Gao, Fu Sheng Pan, Ai Tao Tang

Abstract: In this paper,the influence of adding Al on the discharge capacity and cycle stability of amorphous MgNi-based hydrogen storage alloys were...

Authors: Ying Tong, Guo Zheng Quan, Bin Chen

Abstract: The elasto-plastic behavior and the drawing limit of a kind of magnesium alloy tube were investigated based on the foundational theories of...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Wei Yan, Chen Guang Bai, Xiao Dong Luo, Fu Sheng Pan

Abstract: Hydrogen storage in solid hydrides is the most attractive method of on-board hydrogen storage in fuel cell for cars. Mg metal exhibits a...

Authors: Zhao Ming Xie, Fu Sheng Pan, Ya Fang Xiang, Yuan Chen

Abstract: The Mg-based hydrogen storage alloys of Mg2Ni (A2B), Mg1.7Al0.3Ni, Mg2Ni0.8Cr0.2 and Mg1.8Al0.2Ni0.8Cr0.2 were successfully prepared by...

Authors: Tong Wu, Xiao Dong Peng, Dong Ya Wang, Wei Dong Xie

Abstract: The corrosion properties of Mg-Al-Sr alloy was characterized with comparison to AZ91D alloy. With the addition of Mg-Sr master alloy, the...

Authors: Ke Chen, Chang Hui Yang, Fang Wu, Jian Xiong Ye, Shu Ang Zhao, Xiao Bin Xiang

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of the types and addition dose of MgO expanding agent and the age of cement on expansion value and expansion...

Authors: Zhi Huang, Yun Huang, Yue Yu Wu, Wei Wen Zhang

Abstract: A new maching method of pretreatment magnesium alloy surface was design based on abrasive belt grinding technology, which offered a kind of...

Authors: Lei Li, Xiao Dong Peng, Dong Ya Wang, Wei Dong Xie, Shou Cheng Wang, Xiao Ke Xu, Qun Yi Wei, Zhong Hua Su

Abstract: Mg-Sr alloy was prepared by the vacuum synchronous reduction method at a temperature of 1100°C. The phase composition of the reaction...

Authors: Jin Zhang, Ren Yu Li, Qing Song Yu

Abstract: In this study, plasma treatment using Ar and H2 and plasma polymerization with trimethylsilane (TMS), were carried out to create the...

Authors: Shu Sheng Xu, Xiang Guo Zeng, Zhan Hua Gao, Hua Yan Chen, Jing Hong Fan

Abstract: Magnesium alloys are among the best light-weight structural material with a relatively high strength-to-weight ratio end excellent...


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