Materials Research

Volumes 610-613

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kun Tian, Hui Min Shuai, Xiao Min Yang

Abstract: Based on the basic theory of molecular recognition , we design a organic molecules model to induce the crystallization of hydroxyapatite to...

Authors: Xiao Feng Chen, Jing Hu, Na Ru Zhao, Yong Chun Meng, Yu Li Li

Abstract: The bioactive glass is used widely as bone-repairing material due to its excellent bioactivity, biocompatibility and the function for bone...

Authors: Bin Chen, Shi Tao Sun, Xiang He Peng

Abstract: As a typical biological material, bone possesses high fracture strength and fracture toughness, which are closely related to its exquisite...

Authors: Li Yu, Ming Qiao Tang, Wei Qun Yan

Abstract: Objective:To observe the effect of human platelet extracts on proliferation and differentiation of rabbit growth-plate chondrocytes in...

Authors: Yu Fang, Xiao Dan Du, Ting Fei Xi, Xiao Ming Feng, Zhen Chen, Zhi Xiong Zhang

Abstract: Aim In this study, the adaptability of an ELISA kit for quantification the residual BSA in TEMPs, the influence of rinsing protocol on...

Authors: Ya Ru Ni, Hai Rong Huang, Chun Hua Lu, Jun Kai Xue, Zhong Zi Xu

Abstract: TiO2, ZrO2 and titanium oxide in deficiency oxygen environment were used to modify the surface of biomedical NiTi stents. The coatings were...

Authors: Yue Wen Guo, Ling Li Li, Guang Li, Jian Ming Jiang

Abstract: Organic polymer–hydroxyapatite (HA) hybrid was expected as a promising bone substitute. In this work, poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) was used as...

Authors: Cheng Lin, Man Fang Mai, Zhao Xian Xiong, Hao Xue, Hong Qiu

Abstract: PPy film with micro-antennal morphology was prepared by potentio-static method without any templates directly onto the surfaces of iron,...

Authors: Jian Ye Han, Zhen Tao Yu, Lian Zhou

Abstract: Hydroxyapatite/TiO2 composite material was coated onto Ti25Nb3Mo2Sn3Zr (TLM) alloy substrate. To study the effects of hydroxyapatite/TiO2...

Authors: Lian Liu, Zhi Yong Wei, Pei Wang, Min Qi

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present a synthesis method of biodegradable aliphatic polyesters by the ring opening polymerization of lactones...


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