Ductility of Bulk Nanostructured Materials

Volumes 633-634

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.633-634

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Authors: Evgeny V. Naydenkin, Galina P. Grabovetskaya

Abstract: The literature on the deformation behavior and plastic strain localization inherent to nanostructured metallic polycrystals produced by...

Authors: Eduard Kozlov, Nina Koneva, N.A. Popova

Abstract: Deformation mechanisms of polycrystals as a function of the grain size in the 1nm…1cm interval are studied in this paper. The critical grain...

Authors: A. Mashreghi, L. Ghalandari, M. Reihanian, M.M. Moshksar

Abstract: Nanostructured metals which have nano-scale microstructure are classified into ultrafine grained metals and nanocrystalline metals. In...

Authors: Y.Z. Guo, Q. Wei, Yu Long Li

Abstract: While the super-high strength of various nanocrystalline metals (NC metals, grain size d<100 nm) has drawn great attention in the past few...

Authors: R. Kapoor, P.S. De, Rajiv S. Mishra

Abstract: This paper brings together and compares data of various ultrafine grained (UFG) Al alloys processed through different routes. In general,...

Authors: Maurizio Ferrante

Abstract: It is well known that the low ductility of nanostructured materials seriously impairs their commercial development. In its turn that...

Authors: Josep Antonio Benito, Robert Tejedor, Rodriguez Rodríguez-Baracaldo, Jose María Cabrera, Jose Manuel Prado

Abstract: This paper reviews the ductility of nanostructured and ultrafine iron obtained using a variety of methods. Mechanical milling of powder and...

Authors: Olivier Bouaziz

Abstract: The control and the improvement of the ductility of nano-structured structural steels is one of the key challenges in assessing the...

Authors: S.V.S. Narayana Murty, Shiro Torizuka

Abstract: Ultrafine-grained steels with a grain size of about one micron offer the prospect of high strength coupled with high toughness among...

Authors: Yan Beygelzimer, O. Prokof'eva, R. Kulagin, Viktor Varyukhin, Sergey Synkov

Abstract: It is shown that for ultrafine grained materials obtained with severe plastic deformation methods, the value of elongation up to fracture ...


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