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Authors: Hyeong Yeon Lee, Jong Bum Kim, Jae Han Lee

Abstract: An assessment of a creep-fatigue crack growth for Mod. 9Cr-1Mo steel wide plates have been carried out based on an extended French high...

Authors: Shu Suo Li, Mei Ling Wu, Lu Sun, Li Wu Jiang, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: The fretting wear performance of surface wear-resistant Cr3C2/Ni3Al composite deposited onto IC6SX alloy by manual argon tungsten-arc...

Authors: Lei Wang, Yan Huang, Zhuo Zhao, Yang Liu, Jian Tao Wu, Ping Yan

Abstract: The isothermal oxidation behaviour under static atmosphere of a new directionally solidified Ni-base superalloy was investigated. The...

Authors: Kyeong Hwan Choe, Sang Mok Lee, Kyong Whoan Lee

Abstract: High temperature oxidation behavior of Si-Mo ferritic ductile cast iron was investigated in the point of the effect of chromium and vanadium...

Authors: Keizo Hashimoto, Kyoichi Seita

Abstract: The mechanical properties and the oxidation resistance of -TiAl at elevated temperatures have to be improved to be used in the severe...

Authors: Rabindra Mahapatra, M. Ashraf Imam, C.S. Lei, C.R. Feng

Abstract: The isothermal oxidation behavior and thermal stability of a cobalt base alloy was investigated up to a period of 312 hr in air from 1000 to...

Authors: Zhi Zheng, En Ze Liu, Yong Si Yu, Yao Xiao Zhu

Abstract: The mechanical property, hot corrosion resistance and phase stability of a new-type directional solidification nickel-base superalloy named...

Authors: Rainer Moormann, Hans Klemens Hinssen, Bärbel Schlögl

Abstract: Sufficient oxidation stability of advanced carbon based materials is a key feature for their application in fusion, fission, aerospace and...

Authors: Aleksander Gil, Zbigniew Żurek, Adam Stawiarski

Abstract: There are several ways to improve the oxidation resistance of TiAl alloys. One of them is alloying with elements such as Nb, Ta, W, Si, Ag,...

Authors: Zbigniew Żurek, Artur Jaron, Adam Stawiarski, Aleksander Gil

Abstract: The authors present studies of behavior of Crofer steel in H2 polluted by H2S. The high temperature corrosion behavior of Crofer 22APU steel...


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