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Authors: Takaomi Itoi, Yasuki Kuroda, Yoshihito Kawamura, Mitsuji Hirohashi

Abstract: The composition dependence of yield strength and elongation of the Mg-Zn-Y ternary alloy system were investigated. Yield strength was found...

Authors: Y.J. Wu, Li Ming Peng, X.Q. Zeng, D.L. Lin, W.J. Ding

Abstract: The coherent fine-lamellae consisting of the 2H-Mg and the 14H-type long period stacking ordered (LPSO) structure within α'-Mg matrix have...

Authors: Takafumi Fujii, Tokimasa Kawabata, Kenji Matsuda, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: Precipitates in a Mg–Gd–Sc alloy with high Sc content (up to 13mass%) were examined by means of transmission electron microscopy. Plate-like...

Authors: Tokimasa Kawabata, Kenji Matsuda, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: The effects of addition of Sc on the aging behavior of Mg–Gd alloy was examined by means of Vickers microhardness measurements, transmission...

Authors: K.P. Rao, K. Suresh, Norbert Hort, Karl Ulrich Kainer

Abstract: The Mg-Sn-Ca alloys have shown superior creep properties compared to the creep resistant alloy AE42. In the present study, the effects of...

Authors: Ji Xue Zhou, Yuan Sheng Yang, Shou Qiu Tang, Chang Wen Tian

Abstract: The microstructure and tensile properties at room temperature of as-cast, solution-treated and aged samples of a Mg-5Sn-5Zn (wt%) alloy are...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Qi Ma, Fu Sheng Pan, Ru Lin Zuo

Abstract: The effects of rare earth addtition of Er on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Mg-9Zn-Zr magnesium alloys were examined. The...

Authors: Joong Hwan Jun, Min Ha Lee

Abstract: Thermal stability of  grains and tensile ductilities at room and elevated temperatures were investigated and compared for Mg-3%Zn-0.4%Zr...

Authors: Guang Yu Yang, Jie Hua Li, Wan Qi Jie, Zhong Yu

Abstract: A new composition sand-casting magnesium alloy, Mg-6Zn-2Gd-0.6Zr, was developed. It was found that the room temperature mechanical...

Authors: Hong Mei Zhu, Cheng Ping Luo, Jiang Wen Liu, Zong Wen Liu, Simon P. Ringer

Abstract: ZK60 alloy is one of the most important commercial wrought magnesium alloys. However, it suffers from several deficiencies like severe hot...


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