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Authors: Benedict Portillio, David Alvarez, Alma Vazquez, Shailendra K. Varma

Abstract: Several Nb based alloys (Nb-20Mo-15Si-25Cr, Nb-20Mo-15Si-25Cr-5B, Nb-20Si-20Cr-5Al, and Nb-20Cr-20Si-5Hf) have been prepared to evaluate the...

Authors: Raymond F. Decker, Jack Huang, S. Kulkarni, J. Wayne Jones

Abstract: Thixomolding of Mg alloys produces fine microstructure of about 5-10 micron alpha phase grain size, surrounded by divorced eutectic phases. ...

Authors: Karl Ulrich Kainer, Joachim Wendt, Kerstin Hantzsche, Jan Bohlen, Sang Bong Yi, Dietmar Letzig

Abstract: Commercial magnesium alloys such as AZ31 exhibit strong crystallographic textures during massive deformation such as rolling. A...

Authors: Yong Qing Zhao, Heng Lei Qu

Abstract: As the concept of aerospace design is changed, research objectives of titanium alloys also changed from high strength to high damage...

Authors: Barbara Rinderer, Malcolm Couper, Xiang Yuan Xiong, Sam X. Gao, Jian Feng Nie

Abstract: It is often assumed that the precipitation sequence and phases in Al-Si-Mg foundry alloys, such as A356 with 7 wt%Si, are similar to those...

Authors: Shinji Kumai, Mitsuhiro Watanabe, Keyan Feng

Abstract: Both similar- and dissimilar metal joints, which are difficult to be welded by using ordinary fusion welding methods, were successfully...

Authors: R. Mark Hodge, Suresh Palanisamy, Matthew S. Dargusch

Abstract: Production, sustainment and repair technologies for light alloy components in the defence applications account for a significant proportion...

Authors: Koji Hagihara, Akihito Kinoshita, Yuya Sugino, Michiaki Yamasaki, Yoshihito Kawamura, Hiroyuki Y. Yasuda, Yukichi Umakoshi

Abstract: Deformation mechanisms of Mg89Zn4Y7 (at.%) extruded alloy, which is mostly composed of LPSO-phase, was investigated focusing on their...

Authors: Masafumi Noda, Yoshihito Kawamura

Abstract: Magnesium alloys are very attractive in such applications as automotive and aerospace. However, the mechanical properties of Mg alloys are...

Authors: Michiaki Yamasaki, Kenji Hashimoto, Koji Hagihara, Yoshihito Kawamura

Abstract: High strength and ductile Mg96Zn2Y2 (at%) alloys with multi-modal microstructure are developed. Microstructure of the extruded Mg96Zn2Y2...


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