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Authors: Cun Shan Wang, Ting Li, Biao Yao, Rui Wang, Qing Wang

Abstract: The cluster line criterion was used for optimized design of a Cu-Zr-Al alloy used as coating on the AZ91HP magnesium alloy by laser...

Authors: Anna da Forno, Liu Ke, Massimiliano Bestetti

Abstract: Oxide films have been produced on the AM60B magnesium alloy using micro-arc oxidation process in an environmentally friendly alkaline...

Authors: Kevin Spencer, Vladimir Luzin, Ming Xing Zhang

Abstract: Cold spray coatings are considered promising for surface protection of light metal substrates but the mechanisms of bonding and coating...

Authors: Tomohiro Sasaki, Takahiro Yagi, Takehiko Watanabe

Abstract: Aluminizing the surface of a TiAl-based alloy (49.1 at% Al) was carried out by thermally spraying a pure aluminum coating and subsequent...

Authors: Yasuhiro Hoshiyama, Tsutomu Miyazaki, Hidekazu Miyake

Abstract: Fe-C-Ti-Cr-Ni alloy powder in diameter of 32-53 μm made by argon atomization is low-pressure plasma sprayed to produce stainless cast iron...

Authors: Qi Fang Zhu, Ze Ming Sun, Tong Da Ma, Vacily A. Klimenov, Viacheslav Borozna, Bao Hong Zhu

Abstract: This paper discusses the influence of ultrasonic surface peening on the fatigue property of 7B04 high strength and toughness aluminum alloy....

Authors: Yun Feng Chang, Kung Hsu Hou, Ming Der Ger

Abstract: The development of optical mold coatings has become a key technology in precision optical components in recent years. Researchers are still...

Authors: Zhan Ping Zhang, Yu Hong Qi, Yan Zhang, Gui Ke Mo, Jing Zhao Wang

Abstract: A hierarchical roughness surface with micro-and nano-structures was fabricated on mild steel by chemical etching with a mixture acid (2%HNO3...

Authors: Chih Ming Wang, Kuo Sheng Kao, Da Long Cheng, Chien Chuan Cheng, Po Tsung Hsieh, Shih Yuan Lin, Tai Yu Shih, Chih Yu Wen

Abstract: Electrochromic properties of transition metal oxides had much attention in recent years. The electrochromic thin films can be assembly as...

Authors: N. Ren, Z.J. Ma, D.C. Zhao, G.J. Xiao, S.H. Wu

Abstract: A novel technique has been successfully developed to grow Fe ion doped diamond-like corbon (DLC) multilayer, with the modified linear ion...


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