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Authors: Cheng Wang, Sheng Long Zhu, Fu Hui Wang

Abstract: An inorganic metal modified silicate composite coating was developed to protect the corrosion and oxidation of Ti6Al4V alloy at 650°C. The...

Authors: Kevin D. Ralston, Daniel Fabijanic, Nick Birbilis

Abstract: The use of materials with otherwise desirable mechanical properties is often problematic in practice as a result of corrosion. ...

Authors: Makoto Hino, Yutaka Mitooka, Koji Murakami, Katsuji Nishimoto, Teruto Kanadani

Abstract: Effects of the laser processing on corrosion resistance and conductivity for the magnesium alloy products anodized from the phosphate...

Authors: Satoshi Sunada, Norio Nunomura, Kazuhiko Majima

Abstract: In this study, the electrochemical measurements such as the potentiodynamic polarization and the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy...

Authors: Yan Ping Liu, Jin Xiang Xue, Pei De Han

Abstract: A new process technique that TiN permeation layer consisted of diffusion and deposition layer was synthesized on the surface of mild carbon...

Authors: Yi Wang Bao, Kun Ming Li, De Tian Wan, Xue Qiang Cao

Abstract: Spherical impact indentation tests with different impact angles (90°, 60°, 45°, and 30°) were carried out to understand the impact...

Authors: Hui Qing Fan, Zhuo Li, Peng Rong Ren, Gang Cheng Jiao

Abstract: The new electrostrictive ceramics have been produced from the (1-x) K0.5Na0.5NbO3-xSrTiO3 (KNN-ST, x=0.1-0.25) system by using conventional...

Authors: Hideki Kita, Hideki Hyuga, Takaaki Nagaoka, Naoki Kondo

Abstract: In order to lower environmental impact in manufacturing, it is necessary to know the processes of consumption and emission of resource and...

Authors: Koji Morita, Byung Nam Kim, Hidehiro Yoshida, Keijiro Hiraga

Abstract: The densification mechanism in park-plasma-sintering (SPS) processing was examined in MgAl2O4 spinel. As the relative density ρt increases,...

Authors: Qing Meng Zhang, Lei Wang, Jun Luo, Qun Tang, Jun Du

Abstract: BaxSr1-xTiO3 (0.2≤x≤0.5) ceramics with 10 vol% BaO-SiO2-B2O3 glass addition were prepared. The microstructure and dielectric properties were...


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