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Authors: Akira Ishida, Morio Sato

Abstract: Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloy (SMA) thin films were sputter-deposited on heated polyimide substrates. The (Ni,Cu) rich Ti-Ni-Cu films...

Authors: Christine M. Scala, Matthew E. Ibrahim, Alan R. Wilson, Darren P. Edwards, V. Tan Truong

Abstract: This paper overviews some recent S&T innovations in smart materials and structures at the Australian Defence Science and Technology...

Authors: Wei Jin

Abstract: The creeping properties of Ti44Ni47Nb9 shape memory alloy (SMA) were studied at 300°C. The connecting strength, deformation and thermal...

Authors: Jian Yu Xiong, Yun Cang Li, Peter D. Hodgson, Cui E Wen

Abstract: Titanium-nickel (Ti-Ni) shape memory alloys have been widely used for biomedical applications in recent years. However, it is reported that...

Authors: Bashir S. Shariat, Yinong Liu, Gerard Rio

Abstract: This study presents a numerical model for deformation behaviour of near-equiatomic NiTi holey plates using finite element method....

Authors: Yun Qing Ma, Shui Yuan Yang, San Li Lai, Shi Wen Tian, Cui Ping Wang, Xing Jun Liu

Abstract: The rare earth element Gd is added to Ni53Mn22Co6Ga19 high-temperature shape memory alloy to refine the grain size and adjust the...

Authors: Eun Soo Choi, Hack Soo Lee, Joo Nam Park, Bak Soon Cho

Abstract: Shape memory alloy (SMA) wire jackets are distinct from conventional jackets for concrete members since they can provide active confinement...

Authors: Motoki Okuno, Tomonari Inamura, Hiroyasu Kanetaka, Hideki Hosoda

Abstract: Deformation behavior and texture development of NiMnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy (FSMA) particles embedded polymer composites were...

Authors: Jun Hyun Han, Tae Ahn, Hyun Kim, Kwang Koo Jee

Abstract: The shape memory effect (SME) and magnetic shape memory effect (MSME) Fe-Pd thin film are using the film curvature method. The corresponding...

Authors: Kwang Koo Jee, Jun Hyun Han, J.M. Park, Woo Yang Jang

Abstract: The main drawbacks of SMA actuators are a slow response and a waste of electric power. The power should be continuously supplied for SMA...


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