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Authors: M. Bobby Kannan, Ying He He, Andrew Sandham

Abstract: Successful application of magnesium-based alloys as biodegradable biomaterials is critically dependent on controlling the degradation rate...

Authors: Yong Hwan Kim, Mitsuo Niinomi, Toshikazu Akahori, Masaaki Nakai, Harumi Tsutsumi, Hisao Fukui

Abstract: Hardness of Ag-20Pd-12Au-14.5Cu (mass%) subjected to a solution treatment (ST) at a temperature over 1073 K followed by water quenching...

Authors: Sadequl Admin, Lakshman Randeniya, Avi Bendavid, Phil Martin, Edward Preston

Abstract: Thin films of diamond-like carbon (DLC) containing zirconium dioxide (DLC-ZrO2) have been deposited onto conducting (100) silicon wafer...

Authors: Yorinobu Takigawa, Takahisa Yamamoto, Kenji Higashi

Abstract: The effect of grain boundary segregated dopant on phase stability of tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (TZP) is examined by accelerated...

Authors: Takayoshi Nakano, Takuya Ishimoto, Jee Wook Lee, Sayaka Miyabe, Naoko Ikeo, Hidetsugu Fukuda

Abstract: Our group focused on the preferential degree of biological apatite (BAp) c-axis, an important bone quality parameter based on the...

Authors: Wataru Fujitani, Takayoshi Nakano

Abstract: The orientation of biological apatite (BAp) is one of the bone quality parameters dominating bone mechanical function. In the mandible, the...

Authors: Takuya Ishimoto, Takayoshi Nakano

Abstract: To evaluate the material parameters of regenerated bone, it is important to clarify the mechanical performance of the regenerated portion....

Authors: Renae Mulligan, Ling Yin, Anthony Lamont, Zhong Xiao Peng, Mark R. Forwood, Swee Hin Teoh

Abstract: Bone biopsy is a common procedure in bone disease diagnoses, therapies and research. In this procedure, bone biopsy needles are inserted...

Authors: Joseph Cadman, Yu Hang Chen, Shi Wei Zhou, Qing Li

Abstract: The microstructure of cuttlebone is investigated using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). A graded aspect ratio of the base cells between...

Authors: Thi Hiep Nguyen, Byong Taek Lee

Abstract: In this work, we focused on the manufacture of artificial bone for medical replacement based on the combination of individual properties of...


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