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Authors: Sheridan Mayo, Andrew Stevenson, Stephen Wilkins, Da Chao Gao, Steven Mookhoek, Sam Meure, Tony Hughes, James Mardel

Abstract: X-ray phase-contrast imaging and tomography add an additional dimension to conventional x-ray methods by exploiting the x-ray refraction...

Authors: Hui Guo, Yin Bai, Shan Wu Yang, Xin Lai He

Abstract: . A low carbon steel is austenitized and isothermally held at 680°C to form allotriomorphic ferrite and followed by a holding at lower...

Authors: Li Jun Meng, Hui Xing, Jian Sun

Abstract: The precipitation behavior in the AL6XN austenitic stainless steel after creep deformation at temperatures 500~750 °C up to 3600 hours has...

Authors: Wan Qiang Xu, Michael Ferry

Abstract: 3-D FIB-EBSD tomography was used to analyze the structure and crystallography of nuclei, and nucleation process in 3-D space during...

Authors: A. Sankaran, Emmanuel Bouzy, Matthew R. Barnett, Alain Hazotte

Abstract: Rapid cooling of TiAl-based alloy from α phase (disordered hexagonal, A3) generates  phase (ordered tetragonal, L1o) grains through massive...

Authors: Sung Kang, Mahoto Takeda, Zenji Hiroi, Masaki Takeguchi

Abstract: The precipitation behavior of nano–scale magnetic particles formed in a Cu–Fe–Ni alloy on isothermal annealing at 873K and 1073K have been...

Authors: Felipe Hernandez-Santiago, Victor M. Lopez-Hirata, Maribel L. Saucedo-Muñoz

Abstract: A study of the coarsening process of the decomposed phases was carried out in the Cu-34wt.%Ni-4wt.%Cr and Cu-45wt.%Ni-10wt.%Cr alloys using...

Authors: Pavel Lejček, Viera Gärtnerová, Aleš Jäger

Abstract: Literature data on grain boundary properties show surprisingly in some cases reversed courses of the structural dependences than expected,...

Authors: Zhi Fen Wang, Rong Dong Han, Ping He Li, Ji Xiong Liu, Yi Qiang Sun

Abstract: The texture distribution and development of grain oriented silicon steel with different production stages have been investigated by electron...

Authors: Qiang Zhang, Hiroyuki Toda, Masakazu Kobayashi, Yoshio Suzuki, Kentaro Uesugi

Abstract: Synchrotron X-ray microtomography (SPring-8, Japan) has been used for the microstructure characterization in a closed cell Al-Zn-Mg alloy...


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