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Authors: Tomoki Akita, Shingo Tanaka, Koji Tanaka, Masanori Kohyama

Abstract: The structures of Au particles on CeO2 surfaces were observed by an analytical transmission electron microscopy (TEM) equipped with annular...

Authors: Feng Zai Tang, Talukder Alam, Michael P. Moody, Baptiste Gault, Julie M. Cairney

Abstract: Atom probe tomography provides compositional information in three dimensions at the atomic scale, and is therefore extremely suited to the...

Authors: Bo Hwa Kim, Gil Ho Gu, Chan Gyung Park

Abstract: In the present study, the relationship between the fluctuation of indium (In) composition and wavelength change involved in internal quantum...

Authors: Núria Llorca-Isern, Gemma Bertran-Vidal

Abstract: Free-standing samples of plasma sprayed cordierite with a high level of porosity were heat treated at different temperatures and for...

Authors: Sabrina Mohd Shapee, Rosidah Alias, Ibrahim Azmi, Zulkifli Ambak, Mohd Zulfadli Mohamed Yusoff, Muhammad Redzuan Saad

Abstract: Screen printing is the most common method of transferring silver thick film paste to a low temperature co-fired ceramic tape. Silver paste...

Authors: Sun Hui Eom, Jae Hwan Pee, Jong Keun Lee, Kwang Taek Hwang, Woo Seok Cho

Abstract: Alumina powder is used to improve the heat conduction and physical properties of heat radiation sheets, these properties can be improved by...

Authors: Eun Young Park, Jae Hwan Pee, Yoo Jin Kim, Woo Seok Cho

Abstract: Tantalum nitride (Ta3N5) is a nontoxic red pigment that is being developed as a substitute for Cd-related pigments Ta3N5 is produced by the...

Authors: Eko Akhmadi, Akaishi Minoru, Tajima Itsuro

Abstract: The cBN-cBN direct bonding structure of some cBN compacts made by the method of the direct conversion of the pyrolytic-BN (pBN) or...

Authors: Rosidah Alias, Sabrina Mohd Shapee, Mohd Zulfadli Mohamed Yusoff, Ibrahim Azmi, Zulkifli Ambak, Muhammad Redzuan Saad

Abstract: This paper reports observations of defects in laminated eight layers of a glass-ceramic composite system fabricated by a standard low...

Authors: Ludovic Charpentier, Patrick J. Masset

Abstract: The thermal decomposition of pyrite was investigated under reducing atmosphere, e.g. p(O2)~10-6 bar. Thermogravimetric measurements were...


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