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Authors: Wen Zheng Zhang, Zhang Zhi Shi
Abstract:Product phases from various phase transformations often exhibit fascinating morphologies. Facets of unique crystallographic orientations are...
Authors: Nicolas Rivier, Jean Yves Fortin
Abstract:Dry granular matter, with infinite tangential friction, is modeled as a connected graph ofgrains linked by purely repulsive contacts. The...
Authors: Tetsuo Mohri
Abstract:Continuous Displacement Cluster Variation Method is employed to study binary phase equilibria on the two dimensional square lattice with...
Authors: Eric A. Jägle, Eric J. Mittemeijer
Abstract:The kinetics of phase transformations for which nucleation occurs on parent-micro-structure grain boundaries, and the resulting...
Authors: Zhi Gang Yang, Zhao Dong Li, Zhi Yuan Liu, Zhen Qing Liu, Zhi Xin Xia, Chi Zhang
Abstract:A mixed control mode is developed to model the ledge growth of pro-eutectoid ferrite, considering coupled effects of migration of...
Authors: Maria Giuseppina Mecozzi, C. Bos, Jilt Sietsma
Abstract:A three-dimensional cellular automata (CA) model is developed for the kinetic and microstructural modelling of the relevant metallurgical...
Authors: Konstantin Khromov, Frédéric Soisson, Andrey Stroev, Valentin Vaks
Abstract:The consistent and computationally efficient stochastic statistical approach is suggestedto study kinetics of decomposition of metastable...
Authors: Andrei V. Nazarov, Alexander Mikheev, Irina Valikova, Alexander Zaluzhnyi
Abstract:Elastic fields, generating by precipitates, cracks, dislocations and other defects of the structure, influence the diffusion processes. It...
Authors: J. Carlos Rodriguez, Lorena Lozada, Concepción Tojal, T. Gómez-Acebo, F. Castro
Abstract:Being an effective sintering enhancer boron is gaining relevance for obtaining high density PM steels. Thermodynamic calculations are an...
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