Solid-Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials

Volumes 172-174

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alexandre Bellegard Farina, Rafael Agneli Mesquita, Hélio Goldenstein, Hans Jürgen Kestenbach

Abstract: New grades have been developed in high alloy tool steels, enabling improved mechanical properties by modifications on Si, Cr or Mo contents....

Authors: Hideaki Ikehata, Kouji Tanaka, Hiroyuki Takamiya, Hiroyuki Mizuno

Abstract: In order to predict microstructures during vacuum carburizing, the model which simulates not only the carbon(C) diffusion but also...

Authors: Fateh Fazeli, Tao Jia, Matthias Militzer

Abstract: Bainite is an essential constituent in the microstructure of many advanced high strength steels, e.g. ferrite-bainite dual-phase,...

Authors: Ivana Paidarova, Václav Paidar, Philippe Durand

Abstract: A simple model of dissipative processes originally developed for magnetic materials is extended to ferroelastic materials, in particular to...

Authors: Konstantin Khromov, Andrey Stroev, Valentin Vaks

Abstract: Growth and formation of pearlite colonies are simulated for some simple models of alloysiron-carbon. The steady-state growth is shown to be...

Authors: Zhao Dong Li, Zhi Gang Yang, Tao Pan, Zhi Xin Xia, Chi Zhang

Abstract: Based on an analytical one-dimensional model, austenite growth into pearlite lamella and the corresponding phase evolution during isothermal...

Authors: Yong Chang Liu, F. Sommer, Eric J. Mittemeijer

Abstract: The formation of ferrite (α) from austenite (γ) and vice versa, upon thermo-mechanical processing of steels, are phase transformations of...

Authors: Nataliya Perevoshchikova, Benoît Appolaire, Julien Teixeira, Sabine Denis

Abstract: We have adapted the Quickhull algorithm with the general dimension Beneath-Beyondalgorithm [6] for computing the convex hull of the Gibbs...

Authors: Bruno Siberchicot, Jean Clérouin

Abstract: Beyond 100 GPa at ambient temperature, β-boron exhibits an amorphization [1]. This paper presents Quantum Molecular Dynamics simulations of...

Authors: Irina Valikova, Andrei V. Nazarov

Abstract: Our recent model has been used to evaluate the point defect characteristics including those determining the effect of pressure on the...


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