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Authors: Feng Hua Lu, Xin Xing Wang, Miao Bo Li
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:This paper involves the acoustical design and measurement of sound quality in the new 316 classroom in TYUT. Based on the “Code for design of...
Authors: Chi Lin, Jin Ping Ou
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:To get environmental action information for structural life cycle design and durability design, the air temperature of Harbin (China) from...
Authors: Rong Hui Zhang, Jia Liu, Jian Chao Huang, Yi Fu
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:To solve the high-temperature rutting problem of asphalt pavement, the old rubber of the tire rubber and plastic of general polyethylene...
Authors: Xiao Fei Teng, Si Yang Chen, Bin Luo
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:To make a top local adding stories of “L” flat facade irregular frame structure with good resistance to twist and integrity, can better...
Authors: Wen Hui Tan, Yong Gang Pei, Da Li
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Load effects and resistance are supposed to constant in traditional reliability theory. In fact, load effects and resistances change with...
Authors: Li Juan Zhang, Zhang Ming Li, K. Tim Law
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:This paper discusses the key factors of the dynamic-static drainage consolidation method as it applies to a petroleum storage site that...
Authors: Shu Ren Wang, Hui Hui Jia
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Under low stress conditions, when the load exerting on the mined-out areas roof is less than the rock long-term strength, the rock roof will...
Authors: Bing Wen Yang, Jian Dong Zhang, Shui Wan
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:It is known that coupled bending and torsional effect is a distinct characteristic of curved girders. According to mechanical characteristics...
Authors: Min Shang, Qiang Xu, Yi Guo Xue
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:The strongly weathered rock zone is a special kind of rocks and soils mass. For its larger burial depth and low utilization of natural...
Authors: Li Yun Jiang, Guo Jun Liu, Xu Dong Sun
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Connection with haunch is a new type of rigid connection. Single and cyclic load test is modeled using the program ANSYS. The result under...
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