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Authors: Ting Tang, Li Jun Wang, Jin Bo Ma
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Liquid filled double bottom structure is a usual type for large surface vessel, so the optimal design of which has important significance for...
Authors: Can Liu, Bo Wu, Kai Yan Xu
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:This paper presents a method that using inner transverse prestressing bars to enhance the shear capacity of concrete beams, which can be used...
Authors: Ke Sun, Pei Ge, Liang Zhang, Yao Gang Sun
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Three support structures with different configurations have been selected to be presented in this paper. Through numerical simulations of...
Authors: Chao He, Wei Lin Guo, Yi Yun Huang
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:To discuss the effect of energy saving of heat-reflective insulation coating on exterior walls of building, the wall temperature change of...
Authors: Xi Chen
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In recent years, a new type of frame consisting of steel beam and concrete-filled square steel tubular special-shaped column is increasingly...
Authors: Jian Hong Yuan, Xi Zhu
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Choosing scaled stiffened cylindrical shell model as simulation object, the simulation model of stiffened cylindrical shell subjected to...
Authors: Cheng Li, Qiang Gu, Jun Wang
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:This paper is focused on the evaluation of the structural influencing coefficient in multi-story moment-resisting steel frames involving...
Authors: Huai Rui Wu, Jin Ting Wu, Fen Ye
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:This study introduces the theory of asphalt aging with infrared adsorption spectrum. Qualitative and quantificational comparisons are carried...
Authors: Pin Wu Guan, Meng Chen
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:An experiment on shear capacity for HRB500 grade R/C frame columns within yield hinge regions is studied. The different failure modes for...
Authors: Su Xia Kou, Nan Guo
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In prestressed plane structures, tensioning prestressing tendons in one direction will bring primary moment in another direction, so the...
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