Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Jiang, Yu Ye Xu, Zheng He Qiu, Yi Luo

Abstract: The experimental results of crack torque and ultimate torque of six reinforced concrete special-shaped columns under the combined actions of...

Authors: Yan Zhang

Abstract: From the angle of saving material, the author make the related computing, as well as compare and analysis to the biggest torsion shearing...

Authors: Chen Bing Ouyang, Ying Chen

Abstract: Since China's enforcement of building energy saving standards, external insulation technology has been applied in a mount of buildings....

Authors: Qing Zhong Wei, Di Liu, Bang Jia Liu

Abstract: Abstract. The construction enterprise is one of the important management ways, and it also is main mean of controlling the project schedule,...

Authors: Yu Hong Ling, Hong Hua Ling, Jing Zhuang Wu, Chan Yuan Huangfu

Abstract: According to one three-story RC frame structure, the results of time-history analysis of using re-centring SMA damper to seismic...

Authors: Yue Shun Chen, Li Liu

Abstract: It is a key point of durability deterioration to reinforced concrete structures that protective layer concrete cracking, so it is essential...

Authors: Wei Hua Chen, Mei Qin Wu

Abstract: Based on earlier theoretical works on RC beams ,the mechanical properties of steel reinforced concrete beams strengthened with NSM...

Authors: Da Shan Zhang, Yu Li Dong

Abstract: This paper presents the tensile membrane action on one-way reinforced concrete slabs, and two full-scale specimens with one edge clamped and...

Authors: Zong Wei Deng, Xi Ling Liu, Wu Ming Leng

Abstract: The conventional methods used in the design of sheet-pile walls are based on the limit equilibrium approach. Due to a flexible retaining...

Authors: Yang Li, Jian Guo Hou

Abstract: This paper put forward a new concept named equivalent guarantee rate, which can be used to evaluate the crack control safety level in...


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