Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Cheng Guo, Jin Feng Li, Jian Lin Li

Abstract: This paper describes the agent construction system of development and the associated building regulations in China. A brief overview of the...

Authors: Chang Qing Su, Le Xin Li, Yi Min Zhang

Abstract: Based on the reliability-based optimization design theory, the reliability sensitivity technique and the robust design method, the...

Authors: Yang Hang Shi, Li Dan Yang, Chong Wu, De Hai Yu, Jing Yu Xu

Abstract: Throughout history till today, earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation has been the eternal subject in engineering field. Security is...

Authors: Bo Ding, Huan Qing Jiang, Hong Xia Wan, Feng Zhang

Abstract: Lattice light steel frame is a new type of structural system, combining general steel framework which is composed of lattice column and...

Authors: Wei Feng Wang, Jun Tao Yuan, An Lin Zhang, Meng Li

Abstract: For present-day bridges.cable tensions test is a vitally important job in course of construction.The tensions condition of cables plays an...

Authors: Xue Min Li, Er Yu Zhu, Yong Zheng Zhou, Yong Qiu Qi

Abstract: The construction of precast box girder plays a pivotal role in the process of building passenger dedicated lines. But the high temperature...

Authors: Yan Yun Luo, Hu Zhang, Yan Liu

Abstract: The paper presents a dynamic computational model and field test for analyzing the relationship between the rail natural frequencies and the...

Authors: Xue Qin Wang, Kong Jian Shen, Hua Rong Mao, Xiao Chun Zhang

Abstract: Fluid scour is one of the major causes for bridge failure. To prevent this type of failure, even the catastrophic accidents, it is necessary...

Authors: Jun Wu, Wei Min Chen

Abstract: Bridge plays an important role in modern transportation. Once it is damaged, there will be great loss. So assessment of bridge state has...

Authors: Dong Yan

Abstract: A method based on ultimate limit analysis (ULA) was proposed to identify collapse pattern for cable-stayed bridges. The proposed method had...


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