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Authors: Yang Li, Li Jiao Shen
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Based on one prestressed frame beam in an actual project, both the indirect measuring test and the finite element numerical simulation about...
Authors: Yu Zhuo Sun, An Hai Yi, Jie Lin, Peng Qiao
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:The relation of tensile strength & temperature stress and concrete fissure was researched firstly , then it showed the causes of late cracks...
Authors: Yue Shun Chen, Li Liu
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Based on the relationship between the displacement and the corresponding strain in protective layer concrete during their corrosive...
Authors: Hong Xia Wan, De Xu Yan, Xiao Ping Wang
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:A workshop’s roof is designed to use steel tube trusses with the span of 24m. There are three kinds of variable cross-section splice joints...
Authors: Xue Wu Liu, Kai Quan Xia, Yan Gao
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Serious damage and collapse of steel towers were easily induced by the ice disaster, the wind disaster and so on. After the disaster, to...
Authors: Jin Jun Yuan, Quan Yi Huang, Hong Yong Yuan
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Event-based emergency handling is a high-efficiency decision process of the choice of emergency information resources, the acquisition of...
Authors: Le Xin Li, Chang Qing Su, Ya Juan Jin
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:The reliability analysis for differential expansion of steam turbine is discussed extensively. The ultimate state equation of differential...
Authors: Jian Jun Wei
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In the past two decades, there are many modal-based indices have been proposed for structural damage identification. In the present study, a...
Authors: Chun Guang Lan, Zhi Zhou, Jin Ping Ou
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Prestress strands are the key parts of the prestressed structure, and the stress of the prestressed strands is one of the important...
Authors: Dong Fang Huo, Er Long Zhang, Qin Zhen Li
Chapter 4: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Bridge deck pavement material requires sufficient compressive strength, flexural strength, and bending toughness. The bridge structures...
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