Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Yan Xu, De Min Wei, Can Liu

Abstract: Wuhan Junshan Yangtze River Bridge is an important traffic hinge on Jing-Zhu freeway, it is very necessary to conduct the comprehensive and...

Authors: Wei Feng Wang, Xi Long Chen, Sai Ying Shi, Heng Bin Zheng

Abstract: The text, drawing Liede Bridge as project background, gives a detailed analysis about the transfer mechanism of the cable tower, with the...

Authors: Xing Wei Xue, Hong Yuan, Shan Qing Li

Abstract: In the paper, two key technologies of cap beams of highway bridges are studied, and the reductions of the bending moment on a pillar top and...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Di Tao Niu

Abstract: As the pretressed reinforcement of prestressed concrete structure leads to rust, it would bring serious disadvantage effect to load capacity...

Authors: Yi Fang Feng, Hua Zhi Zhang

Abstract: Taking Yangjiawuchang Bridge 2 Slope Project on the national key high line of Hangzhou to Lanzhou in China as example, the deformation...

Authors: Qian Fu, Shu Ting Liang, Xiao Jun Zhu

Abstract: Six concrete piles reinforced with 500MPa fine-grain steel bars were tested under low cycle reversed loading to study the seismic behavior...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Chuan Jing Hou, Ming Li

Abstract: According to the degradation in strength and deformation of structure with intermediate state and failure-dependence, an assessment of...

Authors: Jae Seok Ahn, Seong Do Kim, Chun Ho Chang, Dong Woo Lee, Kwang Sung Woo

Abstract: This paper presents efficient modeling technique using multi-dimensional method for prediction of free edge stresses in laminate plates. For...

Authors: Jin Bo Song

Abstract: Hongdu Bridge is an extraordinarily huge bride across northern branch Ganjiang River, in the city of Nanchang. Main tower adopted single...

Authors: Chong Wu, Guo Tao Yang, Zu Lin He, De Fu He, Qing Tian Su

Abstract: Arch springing is an important critical joint in a steel truss arch bridge, and it has a great influence on the mechanical behavior of the...


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