Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Lang Xu, Wei Shen

Abstract: A large-scale indoor model test with water pressure is conducted in order to investigate the stress and deformation properties of reinforced...

Authors: Jun Feng Tang, Xiang Rong Guo, Yu Feng Liu

Abstract: A finite element method of space vibration analysis of the time-dependent system of long span suspension bridge and train under wind load is...

Authors: Li Xin Jin, Lian Jun Wang, Song Lin Yang

Abstract: This paper studies on deducing the analytic formulae on Gauss coordinates displacement before or after the increase of major radius of...

Authors: Guo Yong Huang, Chang Qing Lan, Xu Lan

Abstract: With the lesson from the overturning accident of single-pier bridge and based on the analysis on the size and distribution mode of the load...

Authors: Xiang Lin Jiang, Guo Liang Zeng, Jin Hua Tan

Abstract: The stress histories of monitored members are used to get stress spectrums for a steel truss bridge through rain-flow algorithm, then the...

Authors: Ruey Syan Shih

Abstract: The dissipation of porous perpendicular pipe breakwaters are studied experientially in this study, the investigations on wave transmission...

Authors: Qing Zhang, Zhi Qiang Wang

Abstract: The shield tunnel for water conveyance is usually composed of two-layer liner tube. The outer layer is fabricated reinforced concrete...

Authors: Wei Feng Wang, Jing Bin Ye, Sai Ying Shi, Qing Zhong Chen

Abstract: This paper studies the basic principles of finite element method, then researches on the core algorithm of finite element method, according...

Authors: Xiao Peng Wang, Zhi Gang Zhang, Hong Kai Dong, Rui Bin Li

Abstract: In order to carry on control and countermeasure of mining damage effectively, by analyzing the conditions of geology, mining and entironment...

Authors: De Cheng Feng, Wen Xin Zuo, Peng Cao

Abstract: The saturated and unsaturated soil were widely studied by many researchers nowadays. With the development of calculation mechanics and...


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