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Authors: Wei Ping Cao, Min Zhao
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Reinforced concrete piles are often used to support highway embankments in soft soils. The performance of floating piles differs...
Authors: Kai Rong Hong, Ren Hua Yang
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:With the rapid development of urban construction, the shield construction technology has been greatly developed. Shield tunneling method...
Authors: Jin Li Miao, Wen Nie
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:All rock mass engineering projects are closely related to rock mass material property. The methods of obtaining these properties decides the...
Authors: Ling Ling Zhang, Jian Hua Fan, Yan Ge Zhang
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:This paper is based on a series of experiments on saline soil which is sampled from the west of Jilin province. Through analysis of the...
Authors: Guo Bin Zhou, Jian Ming Zhao, Yan Feng Wen, Zheng Quan Yang
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:For the flaw of safety evaluation system using safety factor as control index, seismic permanent deformation is used to evaluate the safety...
Authors: Xiang Dong Zhang, Zhi Liu, Xi Jun Liu
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:In order to study the foundation pit supporting structure displacement of the change rule and different parameters on the transverse...
Authors: Ping De Liu, Shuang Jie Wang, Cai Qin Wang, Long Jin
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:The paper is based on information of permafrost engineering geology of National Road 214, and for a comparative, analysis the permafrost...
Authors: Van Loc Nguyen, Lei Nie
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Low pile foundation is spacious used to process irrigation structure. In Vietnam it is effectively used to process irrigation structure in...
Authors: Qiang Li, Qing Wen Ren
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:The failure of concrete dam is a process started from local failure to global instability, and there is a huge scale difference in the...
Authors: Mei Yang, Xi Huan Sun
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Based on the data from Basin hydrology, weather, runoff, land use, soil, DEM and with ARCGIS9.0 and WMS7.0 applications, SCS small basin...
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