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Authors: Wei Zeng, Kai Wen, Bao Quan Zhao, Guang Cheng Zhang, San You Zeng
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:The reliability index is not only nonlinear but also continuous, so we design the real coded genetic algorithm to improve the performance of...
Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhang, Ning Li, Fang Fang Chen
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Fractured rock mass is one of the most important engineering materials for civil engineering in rock mass and rock layer, and has special...
Authors: Chun Yan Zhao, Guo Yong Zheng
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Based on dynamic triaxial test results of saturated soft clay, influence factors and variations on accumulated deformation were analyzed. The...
Authors: Rong Jian Li, Wen Zheng, Yu Zhen Yu
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Similitude design of a model test concerns the size and materials of the model. For the similitude design, the most important factors include...
Authors: Yan Lv, Lei Nie, Kai Xu, Zhan Dong Su
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:As the special soil, turfy soil and peat soil in China contained some similar properties with high void ratio, high water content, high...
Authors: Si Yang Chen, Zhong Li, Tian Yu Zhang, Hua Wen Ou
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:This paper analyzes the tunnel rock ultimate displacement,proposes using acceleration to determine the tunnel surrounding rock...
Authors: You Feng Zhang, Mei Feng Cai
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:The shortages and drawbacks of traditional geotechnical engineering monitoring and controlling system(GEMCS) is reviewed and the necessity...
Authors: Wen Juan Yao, Shang Ping Chen, Sheng Qing Zhu
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:The calculation and analysis of single pile settlement was one of the important geotechnical engineering issues, and many geotechnical...
Authors: Rong Jian Li, Liu Ming Fan, Wen Zheng, Gao Feng Che
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:The collapse settlement of loess foundation is one of issues in engineering which need to be solved. Firstly, a finite element program was...
Authors: Sheng Ji Jin, Da Sheng Zhang, Zhe Shu, Yun Zhao
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:In order to study the rule of highway subgrade settlement, both on-site experiments and theoretical analysis methods were used to analysis...
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