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Authors: Khalid El Bikri, El Bekkaye Merrimi, Rhali Benamar
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:The purpose of the present paper is to show that the problem of geometrically non linear free vibration of symmetrically and asymmetrically...
Authors: Meng Chen, Pin Wu Guan
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Prestressing spiral groove tendon is a new sort prestressing tendon, its characteristic value of tensile yield strength fyk=1000MPa. Firstly,...
Authors: Hong Hui Zhang, Hai Peng Xu, Chang Rong Liao, Zhao Xiang Deng
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Dynamic response is a key parameter for the engineering applications of MR damper. However, the response time has many different definitions,...
Authors: Geng Xin Zeng, Biao Cao, Hai Quan Zeng
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:The giant magnetostrictive material (GMM) is a novel smart material based on magnetostrictive effect, and it is well suited to power...
Authors: Tie Hua Xiong, Shu Guo Liang
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Limit wind loads of a Concrete Filled Steel-Tube (CFST) transmission tower in a long-span tower-line system is computed. Firstly, fine Finite...
Authors: Xiao Dan Wang, Guang Yu Shi
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:The analytical solutions of shear flexible beams with displacement boundary conditions are derived by using the new sixth-order differential...
Authors: Zhang Qi Hu, Wei Rong Lv, Yuan Li, Chao Fei Wang
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:In the structure design, the definition of the joints had a great impact on the structure internal force distribution, thus affecting the...
Authors: De Hui Zhao, Jin Yu Xu, Er Lei Bai
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:To study on the toughing effect of EPS in the plain concrete, the EPS concrete with 10%,20%,30%,40%,50% EPS volume fraction were prepared....
Authors: Wei Ma, Wen Bin Yao
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:According to Natural Bamboo Fiber/ Polypropylene fiber(PP) non-woven materials encountered the problem that its flame retardation is...
Authors: Yu Juan Tang, Jiong Wang
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:At present, the explosion isolator of the fuze safety system using stepping motor or based on the slider continuation move realized safe...
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