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Authors: Fawzy M. Ragab
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:The behavior of piles having a single defect which may be necking, bulging or of inferior concrete is simulated by an electrical model...
Authors: Zhi Peng Zhong, Shui Wan
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:The stress intensity factors (SIFs) of biomaterial interface crack were analyzed using the Composite Grid Method (CGM). Two different scale...
Authors: You Gang Wang, Xiang Feng Liu
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Rocks and other rocklike solid materials have inherent defects inside. The defects of rock will be evolved under loading. The evolution...
Authors: Xiao Xia Guo
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Based on modern ideas of thermomechanics, small strain dynamic dissipation function of Hardin-Drnevich model for soils is formulated using...
Authors: Zhong Gen Liu, Xiao Dong Xu, Li Bin Sun
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Based on the classical theory, and according to the structural features of SMA (stone matrix asphalt), this paper analyzes the road...
Authors: Yun Feng Xiao
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:The delimitation is a frequent and danger failure in concrete-filled steel tube. The ultrasonic testing is an important method of NDT and it...
Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhang, Qi Chi Le, Jian Zhong Cui
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:AZ80 magnesium alloy was semi-continuously cast under different physical fields which were conventional direct chill (DC) casting, low...
Authors: Hai Wang Li, Zhi Wei Wang, Jin Liu
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Abstract. In this paper, the elasto-plastic dynamic analysis on the steel spatial arch truss with 30 m span and 0.1 rise-span ratio is...
Authors: Jia Ni Zhao, Jian Wei, Hong Guang Yao
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:As it involves the safety of flight and passenger’s life, requirement for intelligentized project construction of airport terminal is...
Authors: Ting Wan, Yue Gu, Jian Xu
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Under the Guidance of Smart Growth Theory, the paper respectively discusses the spatial patterns including ecological network, waterfront...
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