Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Sun, Qing Wang

Abstract: The research of stability of underground structures under earthquake action is one of the hot topics in Geotechnical Engineering researches...

Authors: Xiao Hui Ni, Xiao Juan Li

Abstract: The failure damage of granite under axial load are caused by the propagation and coalescent of cracks at mesoscale, so it is of important...

Authors: Zhi Gang Yan

Abstract: Composite soil-nailing is a new technology developed from abroad in recent years, to be used in excavation of soil, slope stability. This...

Authors: Feng Zhu, Song Lin Yang, Hui Lei Li

Abstract: Abstract: The method of system identification has been initially applied in the field of the shipbuilding, especially in the application of...

Authors: Qiu Sheng Liu, Dong Feng Liu

Abstract: The embedded length of anti-slide piles reinforcing slopes is analyzed by three-dimensional elasto-plastic shear strength reduction finite...

Authors: Nan Nan Yuan, Jun Hong

Abstract: In this work, the degradation of Rhodamine B by hydrogen peroxide under microwave irradiation is studied and the optimum conditions are...

Authors: Wu Xiu Ding, Hong Yi Wang

Abstract: Based on the test results, the wave velocity and the attenuation rule of elastic wave of weathered zone in Longmen Grottoes are studied. The...

Authors: Xiao Hui Ni, Xiao Juan Li

Abstract: A meso-mechanical testing scheme based on scanning electron microscopy(SEM) is developed to carry out the experiment of microfracturing...

Authors: Yong Jun Zhang, Nian Jie Ma, Zi Min Zhang, Tian Rang Jia

Abstract: With the full consideration of the heterogeneity, existing joints, and cracks in the rock, the coupled gas-rock model for investigating the...

Authors: Xin Jian Sun, Jian Sheng Sun

Abstract: The damage caused by blasting vibration on rock mass is an extremely complex process, and has certain impact on the mechanical properties...


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