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Authors: Zhong Hu Zhao
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Fracture energy, which reflects the split property of brittle materials, is a significant parameter. For present tests of measuring it, the...
Authors: Zan Cheng Zhu, Fan Bo Guo, Feng Hua Jiang, Xiao Gang Wang
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:To further verify the feasibility of theoretic calculation, according to similarity theory, the principles and methods of pile...
Authors: Yan Zheng
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:First describe the selecting rule of the C-M and D-P failure criterion and the rule and the relations of the D-P criterion parameter with the...
Authors: Hao Li, Wei Nan Lu
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Permafrost is widespread in China, especially in Northeast China and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Regions like Qinghai-Tibet Plateau have the...
Authors: Ji Min Wu, Shu Zhen Feng, Hai Cui
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Based on the recursion method of shearing ragidity of soil layer, dynamic torsional impedance of the radial inhomogeneous viscoelastic soil...
Authors: Xin Hou, Kai Wang, Xiao Qing Wang
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:After the impoundment of the Three Gorges Reservoir, geomorphology of the Yangtze River tributaries changed greatly. The Xiaojiang River in...
Authors: Neng Juan Zhou, Lei Nie, Shi Wei Shen, Min Zhang
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:In the smooth blasting of the tunnel, many studies indicate that the effects of joints on blasting are over than the nature of the rock...
Authors: Shih Tsung Hsu
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:This study developed a numerical method to establish a comprehensive load-settlement curve for a driven pile. Analysis results shown that the...
Authors: Yang Zhou, De Gao Zou, Xian Jing Kong, Meng Fu
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, three-dimensional(3-D) finite element(FE) method is used to analyze the stresses of face slab of the 300m high concrete face...
Authors: De Gao Zou, Tao Gong, Jing Mao Liu, Xian Jing Kong
Chapter 6: Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract:Two of the most important parameters in dynamic analysis involving soils are the dynamic shear modulus and the damping ratio. In this study,...
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