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Authors: Yan Zeng Wu, Qing Yuan Wang, Qiao Lin Ouyang
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Using the ultrasonic fatigue test method, the influence of subjection to plasma nitriding surface modifications on the ultra-high cycle...
Authors: Yan Qing Zhang, Meng Li
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Using Fe (NO3)3 as modifying agent, a new porous environmental ceramic filter is modified at surface to pre-treat...
Authors: N. S. Kumar, Sameera Simha T.P.
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Composite circular steel tubes- with and without epoxy infill for three different grades of concrete are tested for ultimate load capacity...
Authors: Hui Wang, Peng Chen, Jian Sun, Xiao Jun Kuang, Zhen Kun Yao
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:In contemporary electronic technology era, the volume of electronic equipment and printed circuit board reduced so dramatically that the...
Authors: Ming Ru Zhou, Guo Jing Cui, Li Jian Gao, Hong Xia Qiao
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:To the exacting underwater engineering and waterproof projects, the impervious performance of concrete plays a crucial role in the whole...
Authors: Qian Zhang, Bai Mei Zhang
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Studies were conducted on the production of silane modified kaolinite/silica core-shell nanoparticles (SMKS). The SMKS nanoparticles were...
Authors: Hai Wang Li, Xun Zhang, Jing Liu
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:Abstract. In this paper, the elasto-plastic dynamic analysis on the steel spatial arch truss with 90m span and 0.1rise-span ratio is carried...
Authors: Mohammad Mahdi Kheirikhah, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Khalili, Keramat Malekzadeh Fard
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:In the present paper, an accurate 3D finite element model is presented for bucking analysis of soft-core rectangular sandwich plates. The...
Authors: Xin Liang, Xue Dong Guo, Hao Wang, Xue Song Yu
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:The study uses distilled water as test liquid, investigates the wettability of modified asphalt with silane coupling agent DB-570 by sessile...
Authors: Ze Ping Zhang, Fei Qiao, Di Wu, Zhu Li
Chapter 7: Building Materials
Abstract:With the growing global energy crisis, development of economic and land-efficient construction structural system became an significant...
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