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Authors: Wei Ke Liu, Gou Lin Liu, Xiao Qing Zhang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The phase of complex signals is wrapped since it can only be measured modulo-2; unwrapping searches for the 2-combinations that minimize the...
Authors: Zhong Chao Zhao, Rui Ye, Yu Ping Chen, Gen Ming Zhou
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:In this paper, the heat transfer characters of heat pipe radiator for cooling electronic device with high heat flux were investigated by...
Authors: Hao Zhao, Hao Feng
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:It is difficult to measure torque of high speed rotating machinery, a new mechanical structure torque sensor based on three phase...
Authors: Tao Zeng, Wu Nian Yang, Xiao Dong Li
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Using large-scale true-color images of Zundao Town of Mianzhu quake-hit areas gained form low-altitude remote sensing platforms, the author...
Authors: Jie Xiong Ding, Dong Chen, Li Du, Guang Min Liu
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:A thin sensor based on surface acoustic wave resonator (SAWR) in ZnO/SiO2/Si structure for wireless contact stress measurement in...
Authors: Xiao Wei Zhang, Xing Hua Li, Bo Chen
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:In this paper, the mathematical model with errors for parallel double-joint coordinate measuring machine (CMM) was proposed. The main factor...
Authors: Zhao Ming Zhou, Fu Wan, Lei Wang, Zhang Hua Lian, Yong Chen
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:This paper presents a new wall thickness and ovality measuring method engineered for reliable field use. This paper describes the...
Authors: Li Jun Ding, Hao Feng, Hao Zhao
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:This paper proposed a new method of cutting attack resistant for color image. The RGB image based on three-color theory was transformed and...
Authors: Qu Lin Tan, Chou Xie
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Monitoring ground subsidence of roadbed in permafrost region is very important for stability evaluation and safety management. To test its...
Authors: Jaehyun Jin, Huinam Rhee
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:This paper introduces a test system for resonator gyros for education. Two major purposes are to study the phenonmena of resonator gyros and...
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