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Authors: Li De Fang, Xiu Ming Xiang, Xiao Ting Li, Li Li Pang, Xiao Jie Wang, Ran Liu
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:With the rapid development of industry and transportation, air pollution is worsening, therefore, monitoring of air pollution components is...
Authors: Xian Qing Lei, Hong Wei Song, Jia Zhou
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:A new algorithm which is “the minimum zone evaluation for sphericity error based on the dichotomy approximating” has been presented with the...
Authors: De Feng Du, Xiao Qin Jiang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The simulation level of prototypes mimicking torsional wave propulsion is low at present. A new prototype which uses a combination of crank...
Authors: Ming Tao Zhou, Ping Yang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The sanitary sewage is treated with four different vegetation types by means of artificial surface runoff. Results show soil+ Cynodon...
Authors: Wen Li Zhao, Yuan Ping Yin, Jin Liu
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The principle of stochastic resonance in bistable system is introduced firstly. The medium-low-frequency periodic signal and multi-frequency...
Authors: Vinh Du Mai, Duo Qian Miao, Rui Zhi Wang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:In the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system, the License Plate Location (LPL) is the key step before the final recognition. This...
Authors: Cheng Sheng, Tao Zhou, De Xun Hong
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Based on the experimental data acquired from natural circulation experiment, critical heat flux (CHF) was detected through applying Fourier...
Authors: Yong Quan Wang, Zheng Xing Guo
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:To correctly acquire steel strain and deformation of SRC during construction process, one SRC transfer storey used in ultra high connected...
Authors: Yong Quan Wang, Zheng Xing Guo, Bin Luo
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:In order to ensure the prestress establishment of large-span suspendome, research on the measure-control methods for large-span suspendome...
Authors: Wen Wen Liu, Yun Hai Du, Zhi Wang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:A new optical metrology method for measuring soil landslide displacement is presented in this paper. Under the optical experimental system,...
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