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Authors: Li Chao Xu, Ru Hai Ge
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Transmission load was one of the important parameters for engineering vehicle powertrain system, on the basis of calculating drive shaft...
Authors: Hao Jie Lv, Guo Qing Hu, Xing Ye Wang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:In order to reveal the temperature dependence of a touch mode capacitive pressure sensor, temperature dependence of material parameters of...
Authors: Kamal Jahani
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Resistance spot welding is one of the mostly used methods in joining different pieces of complex sheet metal structures such as automotive...
Authors: Gui Ling Li
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Datum are the key of “Digital Earth”.In measurement, dealing with nonlinear models of observation datum, we may take their approximate values...
Authors: Yu Jie Cui
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:This paper presents a modular robot called RBT-6T/S01SM. This robot composed of 6 basic modules which could composed 5 kinds of robot. Each...
Authors: Jin Hua Li
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:NC machine monitoring system is built based on the wireless data acquisition. All kinds of the complicated information can be collected, and...
Authors: Xiang Cao, Zhe Feng Yu, Hai Wang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:A data acquisition (DAQ) system for the low velocity impact tests is presented. The DAQ system is comprised of transducers, DAQ card,...
Authors: Bin He
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The study about the direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation for wideband signals is a basic topic of Signal Processing. The method called test...
Authors: Wen Hou, Peng Fei Xue, Tie Hua Ma
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:A new method and equipment based on compound pendulum was designed for measuring moment of inertia (MOI). The measurement principle of the...
Authors: Dong Zi Pan, Hai Qian Han, Ying Li
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Tidal bore is a series of waves propagating upstream as the tidal flow turns to rising. The Qiantang Bore has aroused the curiosity of...
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