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Authors: Yu Wei Zhou
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The speed and position measurement is an important part of the train control system. Accurate measurement of train speed and position ensures...
Authors: Jiang Rong Xue, Xiao Zhang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The energy flow of equal inclination interference fringes in Michelson interference measurement is theoretically calculated, and its...
Authors: Hao Feng, Hao Zhao, Li Jun Ding
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:For shaft angular acceleration is the key to rotary system state inspection and fault analysis, two new angular acceleration sensors based on...
Authors: Qi Chang Li, Guang Long Wang, Zhu Lin Wang, Shan Shan Zhang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:In order to accomplish the Prognostics and Health Management System(PHM) for guided missile, sensor network node of storage and conveyance’s...
Authors: Xiao Peng Zhang, Ri Cheng Li, Huai Nian Xing
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Automobile body sheets mainly resist impact and pressure. However, the fatigue property is one of the main factors with regard to properties...
Authors: Peng Fei Li, Zi Qi Zhu, Fan Bai, Xi Chen
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Corona discharge is a kind of self-sustained discharge that emerges in daily life, industrial production and other fields. A variety of works...
Authors: Dong Qing Shen, Jian Yong Chen, Wan Cai Li, Hong Jiang, Zhen Yu Li
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The purpose of a time discriminator is to decide when the input is something you are interested in. It does this by putting out a logic pulse...
Authors: Zhao Ming Zhou, Fu Wan, De Sin Mao, Quan Chuan Xu, Chen Xing Wei
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Many of the NDT methods used for casing, tubing, drill pipe and line pipe are applicable, with some minor modifications, to CT. This article...
Authors: Kai Liu, Zhi Wei Zhao, He Long Jiang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:A wireless data acquisition system based on MSP430F149 is developed for the measurement of microbial fuel cells’ voltage. The main function...
Authors: Tao Guo, Jie Zhu, Gui Tang, Yan Xu
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:It is a challenging problem to test the acceleration of the high-speed missiles and space shuttle under high temperature. This paper proposed...
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