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Authors: Chao Jin Wang, Gui Mei Cai, Jin Yin Zhang, Shuan Xia Du
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Abstract A tungsten electrode modified with polyaniline was prepared as working electrode, the platinum wire electrode for counter electrode,...
Authors: Fu Xiang Zhang, Wen Zhong Li
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Infrared sensor arrays is a new type of apperceiving system of robots, which are made up of large-area and flexible sensors with data...
Authors: Yi Hong Li, Ai Ying Yang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:This paper covers the requirement and measurement of sound quality in the surround sound classroom. Based on the characteristics of the sound...
Authors: Zi Chen Wang, Ming Dai, Jing Huang, Yong Yang Wang, Xiao Lu Chen, Yu Jun Gao
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The traditional facilities that used to find range are mostly based on laser or ultrasonic. Now, based on binocular parallax of human eyes,...
Authors: Qing Lin Li, Han Ping Mao, Ping Ping Li
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:To investigate the micro-mechanics property of cucumber mesophyll cell wall, an experiment was conducted at nanolevel scale with the help of...
Authors: Li Bin Lu, Ding Xin Chen, Guo Dong Jin, Rong Ming Li, Ying Jie Gao
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:To study the problem of high precision, the reason why error appears in the ultrasonic positioning process is analyzed. To decrease the...
Authors: You Lin Shao, Dao Jiong Chen, Long Chen, Wei Yu Ni
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The traffic lights identification algorithms is an important part of the platform for automatic driving technology and it is also applied in...
Authors: Yin Zhi He, Zhi Gang Yang, Yi Gang Wang
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Based on the analysis of automobile aerodynamic noise generation mechanisms and the components of interior wind noise, the spectra...
Authors: Ai Xin Feng, Bin Li, Chuan Chao Xu, Jun Wei Wang, Zhen Chun Han, Fen Shi
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:The error distribution of residual stress tested by X-ray diffraction on 7050 aluminum alloy was studied. In this paper, residual stress was...
Authors: Jun Zhang, Xin Wu Zeng, Yi Bo Wang, Dan Chen
Chapter 8: Measurement
Abstract:Underwater plasma acoustic source (UPAS) with high voltage pulse arc discharge produced pressure wave has the advantage of adjustable pulse...
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