Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bi Qiang Du, Gui Ji Tang

Abstract: In this paper, a multi-fractal algorithm for vibration signal fault diagnosis is proposed to compute the multi-fractal dimension...

Authors: Dong Chen Li

Abstract: The system uses GRAP in Grey Theory to conduct fault diagnosis of fan and chooses LabWEV for software platform, developing a set of system...

Authors: Xian De Yin, Ai Guo Liu, Xin Min Dong, Wang Shen Hao

Abstract: To meet the requirement that continuous monitoring the mine special gear box, an embedded health evaluation system was designed in this...

Authors: Qian Lin Peng, Yao Gang Li, Fu Dong Ma

Abstract: Analysis of the study based on the Working principle of machine isolators-flexible foundation system which combines with multiple exciters...

Authors: Yang Li, Yuan Ying Qiu, Fu Jun Peng

Abstract: There are some problems in the control for a large flexible spacecraft on orbit such as the coupling, destabilization, and performance of...

Authors: Fu Dong Ma, Yao Gang Li, Qian Lin Peng

Abstract: In real life many agencies are using the flexible foundation as a base of support, such as ship hull or deck, the chassis of car, and...

Authors: Le Xi Li, Sheng Li Hou, Ren Heng Bo, Li Qiao, Tao Wang

Abstract: Aero-engine rotor system is the core component of engine. Aim at difficulties of fault diagnosis of engine rotor system, a method to detect...

Authors: Hong Hao Yin, Hui Chen, Zhong Bo Peng

Abstract: Leakage of ship pipeline system has become a great hidden danger, which affects safe operation of ship and causes environmental pollution....

Authors: Pallab Das

Abstract: In the present study, the modal parameters of cracked plain cement concrete beams have been studied theoretically. A crack in a beam element...

Authors: Jie Nan Tu, Ping Ma, Xiao Hua Pan

Abstract: With the C# language and Access database, Building Foundation Pit Monitoring Information System (BFPMIS) was developed. At the process of...


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