Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement I

Volumes 105-107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Jie Sun, Zheng Gang Lu, Wen Xiang Zhou

Abstract: The tread wear would change the wheel/rail relation and seriously affect the railway vehicle dynamic behaviors. After testing the several...

Authors: Wei Han, Xiao Wei Kang, Yun Liang Wang, Xiao Hong Zheng

Abstract: The dynamics characteristic of aerial towed cable has been investigated with many models. Because of the coupling between the components of...

Authors: Bo Hu, Rui Li

Abstract: The exact bending solutions of moderately thick rectangular plates with two opposite sides simply supported are derived based on the...

Authors: Zhen Ping Zhou, Di Jiang, Jia Liang Li

Abstract: Gantry bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer belongs to large complex steel structure. Once it is instability at the working time that will make a...

Authors: Wen Zhong Qu, D.J. Inman

Abstract: Among structural health monitoring (SHM) techniques, Lamb waves is frequently used as diagnostic tools to detect damage in plate-like...

Authors: Yi Kai Fan, Xiang Qian Liang, Xin Huang, Xue Dong Zhang

Abstract: 7 geotechnical centrifuge model tests for buried explosion in dry sand were investigated by using 450 g-t geotechnical centrifuge apparatus....

Authors: Xian Wang, Jian Ping Tan, Ling Yun Quan, Xiao Le Cheng

Abstract: On the basis of systematic study on the existing measurement methods of multi-degrees-of-freedom, A real-time monitoring method for...

Authors: Zheng Yi Sheng, Chun Xia, Wei Ping Xu, Peng Yun Li

Abstract: A method for analyzing wind-induced vibration and its control of transmission tower-line system in mountainous area is described. The method...

Authors: Mi Liu, Guo An Yang, Yong Lin Zhao

Abstract: The vibration system of a geophysical prospecting car has three main features: the starting frequency is low (from 1Hz); the load is large...

Authors: Xin Jun Zhang, Fan Li, Wei Peng

Abstract: In this paper through to analyse the sensitivity of several modal parameters about the elastic modulus damage such as characteristic...


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