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Authors: Van Tham Mai, Shi Jing Wu, Xiao Sun Wang, Jie Chen, S. A. K. S. Jafri
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:With the aiming of mathematically modeling dynamic behavior in latitudinal and vertical movements of the 6-axle locomotive, this paper...
Authors: Gui Jie Yu, Lei Fu, You Cai Yin
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:The TDS changed the drive mode and established a simple, flexible multi-body drill string system. The system consists of a derrick, a...
Authors: Duan Wei Shi, Can Pei Liu, Zhi Yuan Wang, Yan Zhang, Xiao Qing Sun
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:The FE model of a combined gantry milling machine was constructed. The joint stiffness of bolt fastening, ball screw, and roller guideway...
Authors: Gen Lin Mo, Zhi Lin Wu, Kun Liu
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:A new method based on surface integral is presented in the research of mechanical mechanism of spheres penetrating gelatin. On the assumption...
Authors: Gong Yu Pan, Yu Huang
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:A dynamic model of semi-vehicle under acceleration/braking condition based on air suspension was established. By applying wheelbase preview...
Authors: Bao Quan Mao, Yong Liang Wu, Chuan You Wang, Xue Long Fang
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:Servo system is a very important part of Remote Control Weapon Station , its accuracy has considerable impact on the performance of armament...
Authors: Zhi Xiang Yu, Yan Jun Yan, Hao Wu
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:Abstract. In order to improve the convergence of nonlinear simulation of wind pressure on buildings by turbulence theory pattern, QSMA...
Authors: Qin Yin, Bo Dong
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:According to the statistics and analysis of the situation that administrative decrees reference technical standard, this paper find that...
Authors: Da Zhi Cao, Zhi Hua Zhao, Ge Xue Ren
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:Dynamic equations of viscoelastic bodies with fractional constitutive are derived base on the principle of virtual work and the theory of...
Authors: Chun Xia Zhao, Long Hua She, Wen Sen Chang
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:This paper first derives the accurate computational formula of guidance electromagnetic force, when guidance magnet has the movement of the...
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