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Authors: Qian Zhou, Wei Ming Yan
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:To protect movable cultural relics,by shaking table tests oscillation responses of museum free-standing cultural relics under earthquakes...
Authors: Qian Su, Jun Jie Huang, Shi Yu Li, Hui Xing Hu
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:To study the seismic failure effect of subgrade, the field investigation and analysis of seismic failure of the subgrade are conducted. six...
Authors: Xiao Chun Zhang, Yuan Qi Cai
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:Shell stiffeners are used effectively to prevent preferential local buckling of LNG tank shell. In this paper, Finite element method (FEM) is...
Authors: Nan Hong Ding, Li Xia Lin, Yong Jiu Qian, Lei Huang
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:Damping in double Cables suspension bridge composed of steel reinforcement beams and reinforced concrete tower is non-classical, which leads...
Authors: Zhong Ming Xiong, Ming Xing Wei, Jun Liang Wang
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:In order to get over the defects of traditional sliding base isolation structure which the reactions of traditional sliding structure has...
Authors: Qian Zhou, Wei Ming Yan
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:To protect free-standing object,a rectangular object is taken as example and by SIMULINK technique its oscillation response under earthquakes...
Authors: Jia Li Zhao, Shan Shan Chen, Chi Bing Hu, Jun Gong
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:As the improvement of honing velocity, acceleration and accuracy, corresponding requirements about control technology are put forward to meet...
Authors: Hai Jie Ge, Hui Wang, Dong Qi Gao
Chapter 1: Vibration Engineering
Abstract:Earthquake is one of the major threats towards building and non-building structure and various seismic isolation technologies have gained a...
Authors: Hai Yang Luo, Yue Fang Wang
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:This paper presents the stability and bifurcation of a continuum rotor with transverse electromagnetic and bearing excitations. The rotor...
Authors: Zhong Jun Yin, Lei Zhang, Bing Chen
Chapter 2: Dynamics
Abstract:The virtual prototype model of the coal screen is established with Pro/E and RecurDyn based on virtual prototype technology. The kinematic...
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